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The focus on creating a better user experience and good use of JavaScript usually ends up in great results.

Tangle is definitely one of them. It is a JavaScript library for building interactive documents where users can easily change parameters and see the document updated live.


The library can add several interaction methods (like a a slider or onClick) to any given elements for easily changing their values and comes with functions to bind these variables with the values of other elements.

Implementing Tangle is pretty easy, the library is well-documented and supported with examples.

jsMessage is a tiny (3kb gzipped) JavaScript library for displaying notifications with ease.

Besides notifications, it supports alerts + confirmations and doesn't require any other JS libraries to run.

The positions of the messages, their auto-expire duration and whether they can be controlled via keyboard or not can all be configured.

Each message type (except notifications) has callbacks for a customized interaction and the look/feel of messages can be completely styled.


List.js is a cross-browser and standalone JavaScript library for improving the functionality of the HTML list element.

Using the library, the lists quickly become searchable, sortable and filterable. These actions not only include the values of <li> elements but any other elements and tags used inside them.

It equips lists with add, edit and delete functionality. Also, getting values of items is so easy.

And, all these features come only in 7kb.


Joyride is a plugin for jQuery that simplifies the process of guiding users to discover the features of a website.

By defining the steps of the tour as an ordered list, the plugin displays desired information near any HTML element inside tooltips.

jQuery Joyride

The location of tooltips (bottom, top), scrolling speed of the page, cookie on/off and several other options exist for customization.

To sum up, Joyride is a simple yet effective way of helping users find out the features of a website.

liteAccordion is a jQuery plugin for creating attractive horizontal accordions on the fly.

It is sized ~1.4kb (gzipped and minified) and can display any HTML element (images, text, video, Flash..).

liteAccordion For jQuery

Any number of slides can be shown (that fit to the size of it) and it can be set to display a selected slide on initial load.

There are also other options like:

  • speed of the transitions
  • autoplay
  • pause on hover
  • time between each slide

liteAccordion is themable and comes with 2 themes (basic and dark).

Also, 2 callback functions exist  (after the transition is complete and if any of the slides is clicked) for interacting with events.