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SimpleModal is a MooTools plugin for creating modal boxes very easily.

The plugin is lightweight and can be used to display alert/confirmation dialogs besides any HTML content (text, image, video, etc.).

For the confirm dialogs, it provides a callback function. Also, SimpleModal can work in asynchronous mode and get contents from inline or other URLs.

Its look and feel can be customized with options like opacity, width, overlay color, draggable on/off and more.

SimpleModal For MooTools

Using elements that stay in the viewport while scrolling is a good way of providing an easy-to-reach links/info (like navigation or help) to users

Portamento.js is a jQuery plugin for creating such floating panels quickly with a line of JavaScript and few CSS rules.

It functions well with both absolutely-positioned + floated layouts and has cross-browser support.


The plugin has a smart feature which understands whether the screen-size is big enough or not to display the floating panel and decides to float it (or not) automatically.

It is very easy to use and has very few configuration options like "the element to be wrapped" or "its margin from top".

ImageMapster is a jQuery plugin that vitalizes the old image maps by adding more capabilities to them.

Using the plugin, any image map can be highlighted, selected (single or multiple areas) and manipulated in all kinds of ways.

There are many built-in functions provided like the ability to change the color-opacity or borders of the image map once it is selected. Or you can add a fade effect to them.


Tooltip support makes displaying user-friendly information possible while interacting with the image maps.

There are advanced functions like grouping areas to force the items to behave together (areas can be belong to more than one groups)

And, image map data can be automatically scaled to match the display size of an image or it can be resized to any defined dimensions (which is good for responsive designs).

Daniel Raftery of ThrivingKings, a talented web developer, has created and sharing various useful jQuery plugins.

One of them is Formly, a plugin for easily adding cross-browser styling and validation to forms.

Another one is Sticky which enables us to create good-looking notification messages on any corner of a web page. They can be set to auto-close and multiple messages can be displayed at the same time.

jQuery Plugins by ThrivingKings

There is Apprise, a simplistic modal box plugin for displaying alert-like dialogs. It has built-in options to show verification, confirmation and text alerts. Also, these alerts can be set to appear with an animation.

And, the last one is Badger which is a pretty original plugin that can insert a chic badge on any part of an HTML element. The badges can contain any text and a nice way of getting the user's attention and providing information.

rlightbox is a lightbox plugin that is built on top of jQuery + jQuery UI and comes with some fresh features that doesn't exist in its alternatives.

It can display any type of content from images to videos (YouTube and Vimeo), Flash files and HTML.

The plugin has a unique "panorama" feature for showing only part of an image but allowing users to view the rest with panning.


And, "live re-size" auto-scales the images in accordance with the browser size (which is great for responsive designs).

rlightbox can be set to display a single item or a set with th ehelp of pre-next buttons (there is support for keyboard navigation as well).

It is look and feel can be completely customized as the plugin is fully compatible with jQuery UI ThemeRoller.