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When working with JSON strings, it is usually hard too understand their hierarchy at the first look.

JSONmate is a web app that can beautify (and uglify) JSON strings where these strings can be directly pasted or loaded from a  remote URL.


Also, it has a very nice visual editor for customizing the data and a visualizer that provides a different view for it.

JSONmate has support for JSONP too and it is an open source project.

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  • Sometimes, we don’t know how our SQL query will look like exactly as there are times that the query needs to be created dynamically.

    Or, you may just be looking for a solution that will make SQL queries more readable.


    Squel.js, a lightweight JavaScript library, helps building SQL query strings very easily through an object oriented API.

    It works both on the browser (not advised as the queries will be visible to all) + with nodejs and supports all standard SQL queries (can be customized to support non-standard queries).

    Medoo is a lightweight (~8kb) PHP framework for working with SQL databases.

    The framework comes as a single file and works with MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite (and more).

    Medoo - PHP Database Framework

    It has methods for all the common SQL queries and controls for preventing SQL injention.

    Medoo is simple-yet-handy and it is very well-documented.

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  • Induction is an open source and free tool for understanding and communicating relationships in data.

    It can be used to explore rows/columns, run queries and visualize the data in several ways.


    The tool has support for many databases including PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Redis and MongoDB. Also, any others can be added by writing new adapters.

    Induction is currently in alpha and not a full-featured client yet but has a roadmap to become one.

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  • For NoSQL fans, MongoDB is definitely the most popular solution with the simplicity and cross-platform support offered.

    In order to manage MongoDB databases easily, Genghis, a single-file, self-hosted and web-based solution is pretty handy.

    Genghis MongoDB Admin

    It can be installed either as a Ruby gem or as a standalone PHP script.

    Genghis is capable of managing any number of databases on any number of servers with support for managing databases, collections and documents.

    The interface of the application is responsive and works well down to mobile.