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FileAPI is a huge set of JavaScript tools for almost anything related to working with files.

It provides the features for file uploading (single/multiple) with drag ‘n’ drop support, image cropping, resizing , applying filters, getting file info and much more.


The tools are standalone and comes with a PHP class that handles the actions on the server-side.

Also, there are Flash fallbacks for unsupported browsers (uploads and camera). And, it is documented in detail.

File uploads are one of the most problematic things when it comes to web development (security, big files, etc.).

Resumable.js, a JavaScript library, handles one of the problems: the ability to resume uploads.

The library uses the HTML5 File API and offers a fault-tolerant upload mechanism by splitting each file into small parts.


And, whenever the upload of them fails, uploading is retried until it is completed so that connectivity issue is never a problem.

Also, users can always pause, resume or restart uploads with ease.

There are options to set the size of the chunks, detect if the HTML5 File API is supported, getting the progress status and much more.

Whether in web development or for our personal usage, we sometimes need to convert files from one type to each other.

This can be making a video iOS friendly or creating a PDF from a Word file.

CloudConvert is a pretty amazing and free online file conversion service that is compatible with 140+ file types.


It supports almost all video + audio file types, compression formats, images and more.

Also, the service has an API which enables you to integrate such conversion features to any app.

Every web designer/developer has a favorite FTP client and we usually transfer files to web servers through these clients.

However, there are times that we don’t have our computers with us but need to transfer or edit a file that can only be reached through FTP.

Monsta FTP, an open source and web-based FTP application is a good solution for such a case.

Monsta PHP FTP

It is built with PHP,  has an ajaxed interface and can be skinned with ease.

Uploading or moving files are done with drag ‘n’ drops, actions can be performed on multiple files and file editing is possible.

And, the application works on any PHP-enabled server.

Today, although many hosting companies are offering huge diskspaces and there is almost no chance of using it to the limits, keeping the total size under control is pretty important for reasons like:

  • unnecessary and big-sized files can eat up bandwidth fast
  • this data needs to be backed up regularly (smaller backups will be easier and faster)
  • moving data becomes harder
  • and more..

Disk Usage Reports is a free and open source PHP application for displaying and analyzing disk usage of a website or desktop.

Disk Usage Reports

The application can collect the data with 3 different methods:

  • PHP script
  • Windows EXE
  • Linux bash script

and presents it inside a good-looking, slick interface where you can browse the folders with a tree menu and sort them by name, size or file count.

It can also show the 100 largest files which is great for easily locating the items causing the high disk usage.

The data is stored as JSON (all folders have their own JSON files) and reports are generated on the client-side (which makes the app pretty secure).