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Archive for the ‘Forms’ Category

For the projects that you don’t already have form controls, wForms is an open source unobtrusive JavaScript form controls library that you’ll find very useful.

Form Assembly

It includes input validation, tooltips, field synchronization controls and more.

How to use wForms?

It is pretty easy. After inserting the javaScript library to your pages you can control the field attributes with classes like:

<input type="text" ... class="required"/>

inserts the a required field control for this input.

Paging with navigation is also another nice control which makes multi-step forms easy to handle.

LightForm is an AJAX – PHP Contact Form is a simple but handy script for creating charming & secure contact forms.

It uses FormCheck2 for validation and NiceForms for the styling of the form.

PHP Ajax Contact Form

LightForm has the "question asking"  feature for eliminating spams & it provides the user IP, referrer and browser agent in the message to provide more details about the visitor.

Control Suite is a set of 6 high quality widgets and controls built with the Prototype JavaScript framework.

Each script is well tested, highly extensible and unobstrusive.

Select Multiple Textbox With Prototype

Suite has these widgets and controls:

  • Tab
  • Modal
  • TextArea
  • Select Multiple
  • Rating
  • Progress Bar

Different approach to star rating:

Prototype Star Rating

Suite is very well documented. You can easily reach the details of the APIs and this makes the product much more usable.

Virtual keyboard interfaces are generally used in websites where the highest level of security is a must like online banking applications.

Virtual keyboards help us to prevent any keylogging activies and/or provide users a special keyboard which they don’t already have (like a keyboard of another language).

This virtual keyboard very easy to use and already supports many languages.

Virtual Keyboard

How to use virtual keyboard?

You simply include the keyboard.js file and create a text element with the class = keyboardInput. That’s all.

mooRainbow is an easy to integrate JavaScript color picker built with mootools.

This color picker can be attached to any element in the DOM. A click event would automatically be attached to that element and simply clicking on it you will be able to show or hide mooRainbow.

JavaScript Color Picker

This mootools powered JavaScript color picker:

  • is fully customizable via CSS file.
  • keeps clean your DOM and generates valid XHTML and CSS.
  • provides you, as return, an object containing RGB, HSB and HEX of choosen color.
  • works on Firefox/Safari/Opera/IE.

Input masks are handy for better form handling and creating more user-friendly forms.

Masks for different input types can be created easily with the tools below.


iMask is an open source (free) javascript tool for creating input and textarea masking. It is built on Mootools, supports keyboard control and dynamic charset definition.

JavaScript Input Mask


Masked Input Plugin for jQuery

This is a masked input plugin for the jQuery javascript library. It allows a user to more easily enter fixed width input where you would like them to enter the data in a certain format (dates,phone numbers, etc).

jQuery Masked Input Plugin


Password Field Image Mask

A nice JavaScript input mask which helps displaying the password field characters as images.

JavaScript Password Mask



A tiny JavaScript for input masking.

Input Mask Script


JavaScript Mask API

A simple yet nice input mask.




JavaScripTools is a set of JavaScript components, functions and classes which also includes a powerful input mask library.

Input Masking


Typecast – The Input Field Library

Typecast is an input field augmentation library. When complete it will add autocomplete, suggest and realtime character masking ability to the standard HTML input field.

JavaScript Input Library

SearchField is a lightweight and unobtrusive script that adds styling and static auto-suggest behaviour to your search form fields.

Auto-suggest data comes from a static data source, a JavaScript file, no data connections are necessary, updating the JavaScript with the common phrases is enough.

Auto Suggest JavaScript

To use SearchField, all you need is linking to the CSS and JavaScript files, that’s all.

inWriter is a small JavaScript class that makes inline editing of textfields possible with a very simple coding.

JavaScript Textfield Edit

How to use?

  • Just execute the inwriter_init function, passing the ID off the field you want to edit and the name of the function to call after the editing has been completed.
  • The called function receives two parameters:
    1. ID of the tag
    2. new value
  • That’s all!

Phatfusion has beautiful Mootools JavaScript framework plugins which you’ll love.

Mootools plugins list:

  • image menu – horizontal, accordion menu
  • validate – form validation
  • lightbox – an inline image popup
  • multibox – lightbox that supports images, flash, video, mp3s, html
  • slideshow – image transition
  • sortable table – sort & filter tables
  • slider
  • rounded corners – rounded corners with divs
  • page loader – loads a div from another page into this page.

Acordion image menu:

Mootools Accordion Image Menu


Sortable table:

Mootools Table Sort

Using Uni-Form, which is a standards-based form template, even web users with only basic knowledge of these technologies can get nice looking, well structured, highly customizable, semantic, accessible and usable forms.

Nice Looking Forms Uni-Form

Users can choose between most common form layouts by simply assigning a css class to the fieldset element in order to get a different layout of the form controls your design requires.

Within the Uni-Form community, there are some extensions built too, like a Prototype one.

Uptime Robot