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Twitter has open sourced a very nice project namedĀ Typeahead.js for building smart auto-complete form fields.

It comes as a jQuery plugin, shows suggestion as-users-type and can feature top suggestions with the help of styling.


The plugin can work with both local or remote datasets and it is optimized for speed as it can prefetch the dataset, store it on the client-side and run the queries quickly.

Typeahead.js simply converts any textfield into an auto-complete field, accepts JSON as the data source and has various settings for optimizing remote requests (rate limiting, maxConcurrentRequests, etc.).

Dropzone.js is a JavaScript library that simplifies creating a drag ‘n’ drop file upload functionality.

It works with jQuery and works almost out-of-the-box by giving a special class name to any form.

Multiple files can be uploaded at the same time where previews of images can be displayed as well.


There are also options for defining the max file size, thumbnail dimensions (if they will be generated), enable/disable previews and more.

And many events exist for interacting with the drag-drop and upload status.

Parsley is a JavaScript library, that can work with both jQuery or Zepto, for validating forms so easily.

It is built with UX concerns in mind and tries to simplify details for the user.

There are most of the frequently-used validation rules built-in like e-mail, required, min/max or “equals”.


Also, there is support for “remote validations” which can send Ajax requests and validate the data according to the response returned (like checking usernames/e-mails from the database when registering users).

Parsley works with HTML5 data attributes so you actually never write JavaScript with it, everything is inline.

The messages to be displayed, styles and functionality can be almost fully customized.

And, it is lightweight in size + well-documented with demos.

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  • Range sliders are very useful UI elements when it comes to selecting min-max values.

    jQRangeSlider is a jQuery and jQuery UI-powered slider plugin that has support forĀ both numerical values and date/time.

    jQuery Range Slider - jQRangeSlider

    It works within a given range of values and can be set to use custom steps (like 10-by-10 or week-by-week).

    The plugin works well on touch devices (accept mouse wheels too), can be themed with CSS (there are 2 built-in themes) and provides callbacks for each change in values for interacting easily.

    Everyone has a method for handling forms but it usually gets complicated when there are file uploads in that form.

    Fine Uploader is a plug 'n' play script that ease file uploads and improve usability with the Ajaxed interface.

    The script was known as valums-file-uploader (was featured at WRD) and deserves a 2nd shot with the improvements it had.

    Fine Uploader

    It only requires us to insert a CSS + JavaScript file and the rest is taken care of on the server-side with your favorite scripting language. No worries, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Java, Node.js, Perl, PHP, Python implementations are offered in the download package.

    Uploader can be the standard "file input" or it has support for drag 'n' drop uploads as well.

    Also, there are options to limit the file size, file types, number of files and more.