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Niceforms, a script to beautify web forms, was very popular for creating beautiful forms. And now the 2nd version is out.

Niceforms 2.0 is a totally re-written version which is very easy to apply, handles more elements & has more customization options.


How to use it?

The script simply replaces the most commonly used form elements with custom designed ones.

Inserting the niceforms.js & the CSS file is enough to use it.

Besides the default theme, new themes can be developed with CSS editing.

Niceforms works in all modern browsers except IE6 (it gracefully degrades).

jQuery.timepickr.js is a jQuery plugin that makes filling time inputs very easy.

With a maximum of 2 clicks, a user can fill the form & there is also a keyboard navigation support too.

jQuery Timepicker Plugin

Usage is so simple. Call the timepickr function with the id of the form to be transformed & that’s all.

The plugin is unostrusive & degrades gracefully.

Multi Bit Shift is an open source Flash file uploader.

It can be easily embedded to any webpage for multiple file uploads with the upload status information.

Open Source Flash Uploader

The  text and color schemes of the uploader is customizable via standard CSS & all text can also be changed.

The uploader has 2 different versions where the paid one has an advanced interface with thumbnail, image view & more.

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  • Spinbox.JS is an unobstrusive solution for turning input textboxes into spinboxes.

    It is very effortless to implement the code. Simply creating a normal textbox, giving an id to it & editing few arguments is enough.

    JavaScript Spinbox

    Spinbox.JS has 10 predefined skins and new ones can be created via CSS in the skin file.

    It supports multiple spinboxes on a single page, and  a different skin can be used for each SpinBox on the page.

    Farbtastic is a jQuery color picker plugin for easily adding a color picker into any webpage.

    The picker is linked to an existing element (e.g. a text field) and updates the value of the element when a color is selected.

    jQuery Color Picker

    Layered transparent PNGs are used for rendering a saturation/luminance gradient inside of a hue circle. It is not Flash or pixel sized divs.

    Wufoo, an online form builder application, is presenting 75+ downloadable & free XHTML-CSS form templates.

    Templates include:

    • Mailing list
    • Contact form
    • Employment application
    • Donation form & many more.

    Free XHTML CSS Form Templates

    Templates can be customized easily via CSS, manually or with the pre-built CSS files.

    P.S. Some templates have also tooltips like this contact form.

    DesignShack is presenting a very nice tutorial on creating a virtual keyboard with jQuery (script can be downloaded).

    Such virtual keyboards are generally used in bank websites or forms that require extra security. They are a step for preventing keyloggers (but may not be an absolute solution as keyloggers are getting smarter).

    jQuery Virtual Keyboard

    It is very easy to add new characters to the keyboard if needed & the keyboard can be dragged to anywhere on the screen.

    To check the demo, click here.

    Contact forms are the most common bridges between readers & site owners whether it is a blog or an e-commerce site.

    Creating a better user experience in this bridge definitely helps improving the effect created in the eyes of the site visitors.

    Depending on the features (or JS frameworks to be used) you may need, you can choose from these 16 very nice free Ajaxed contact forms & implement them easily to any website.


    LightForm – Ajax / PHP Contact Form – Demo

    PHP Ajax Contact Form

    It uses FormCheck2 for validation of fields and NiceForms to style form objects.

    There is a simple captcha-like validation which ask the user a sum of 2 numbers. E-mails are sent via PHP & displays user IP, user agent and referrer in the message.

    Proto Form – Contact Form With Protoype

    Prototype Contact Form

    A lightweight (only 4KB) & unobtrusive contact form that is built with Prototype.

    The fields are validated & highlighted accordingly. The e-mail message is sent via Ajax and a success result is displayed.

    It is a very handy form which can be installed easily.

    jQuery – Ajax Contact Form (Tutorial & Files)Demo

    Ajax jQuery Contact Form

    A very nice tutorial from Nettuts on creating an Ajaxed contact form with jQuery & PHP.

    The form has an input validation. After the message is sent in th ebackgroung a "success" message is displayed to the user.

    Very Chic Contact Form (English version) – Demo Contact Form

    This contact form uses & WForms.

    An unique feature of it is, it tries to connect to the server of the sender to verify that it accepts mail to the address mentioned.

    Message size can be limited and remaining characters are displayed in a box.

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    Form Tools is a form processor, storage and data access script written in PHP and MySQL, designed to work with any existing web form.

    PHP Form Processor

    By making small changes to a form, you can:

    • store form submissions in a database
    • provide an admin area to your clients for managing the forms
    • mass data export via excel
    • have printer-friendly pages
    • sort data & edit submissions
    • have e-mail notifications & more.

    With one install of Form Tools, unlimited number of forms can be managed. The script is multi-lingual, it can be branded & easily customized.

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  • Select Box Factory is a MooTools plugin that enables you to create better, smarter & advanced select boxes.

    Using the plugin, you can

    • style select boxes better
    • enable multiple-selection
    • add toggle effects
    • use images
    • ability to search within values
    • & more.

    Advanced Select Box

    Select Box Factory uses divs, rather than dropdowns & this is the factor that expands what can be done so much.

    All the variations of the plugin can be enabled / disabled & implementing them are very easy.

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