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Flapi is an open source Flash gallery for displaying Flickr photo sets/images.

It can be easily integrated into any webpage or a Flash application.

Flash Flickr Gallery

It shows you the photo sets -which you can select from- to view the images within.

Flapi is very flexible. It can be configured in many ways from a XML file, like:

  • which sets to be displayed
  • Random play
  • Rotate period
  • Show/hide navigation
  • Colors, borders 6 more..

You can always personalize it more as the .fla source file can be downloaded.

Animated JavaScript Slideshow is a free & lightweight script to display images with style.

It simply turns an unordered list into a gallery which can be customized easily.

Free JavaScript Slideshow

You can set it to auto-display the images or it can be browsed manually with the prev-next buttons.

The slideshow provides several other controls like:

  • Speed of the slideshow
  • Information to be displayed or not
  • Opacity of the images & more..

P.S. It does not require any JavaScript library.

SlideItMoo is a free MooTools image slider that can be used as an image gallery or a banner rotator.

Images can be browsed via prev-next buttons (or mouse wheel) & it’s design can be customized totally via CSS.

MooTools Image Slider

SlideItMoo offers several options like:

  • Ability to limit the images to be shown once
  • Show-hide controls
  • Auto-slide on-off
  • Transition effect
  • Initial image to be shown once the slider is loaded & more..

Images in the slider are mentioned in the code (not Ajaxed) & original-sized images are displayed in Slimbox (or any other Lightbox clone).

Ferdinand.Slider is a Prototype extension for creating simple image slideshows.

It uses a JSON file at any location as the data source which makes it possible to integrate with Flickr or similar services easily.

Prototype JSON Image Gallery

The extension has several options to set:

  • duration of effects
  • duration of image transition
  • opacity
  • background
  • prev-next buttons & more.

It is also possible to add more features (like a menu) to the slider as it can be controlled from outside with commands like slider.Next(), slider.Prev().

Simple Controls Gallery is a slideshow script built with jQuery.

When the slideshow is hovered, a menu with controls fades in. Using the menu, slideshow can be paused/played and browsed with prev-next menus.

jQuery Slideshow

It displays the images from an array that is mentioned in the JavaScript.

This jQuery slideshow can be set to autoplay the images when first opened & can store the last visited image in a cookie to remember the last image viewed.

Visión is a simple image viewer script built with PHP.

It dynamically scans for the images in a folder specified, preloads & displays them within a good looking interface.

PHP Image Viewer

Preloading feature helps it to display images faster, on the other hand this makes the script more suitable for displaying limited number of images.

The script is cross-bowser compatible & its look can be totally updated via CSS.

P.S. A tutorial on "how to setup Visión" can be found here.

s3Slider is a jQuery slideshow plugin inspired from smooth slideshow (but for jQuery rather than MooTools).

It creates the slideshow from an unordered list & can be implemented easily.

jQuery Slideshow Plugin

Information about the images in the slideshow can be displayed at almost any part of the image as the script can be styled totally via CSS.

The plugin supports a timeout option for setting the time between slides.

jQuery.popeye is a plugin which transforms an unordered list of images into a simple image gallery which enlarges the image clicked in Lightbox style.

The images are displayed in a box with prev-next controls & an info about the images can be mentioned.

jQuery Lightbox

The compact box has fixed, automatically calculated dimensions. The width and height are calculated so that all thumbnail images are cropped to the smallest width and height in the set and centered resulting image area.

The plugin can be easily customized with a list of settings provided.

Click here for the demo.

prettyGallery is a jQuery plugin for creating sliding image galleries on the fly.

Besides images, any content can be presented within the slider.

jQuery Sliding Image Gallery

Images in the gallery are defined in an ordered list. Items per page, speed of the navigation & labels used can be configured.

The gallery uses prettyPhoto, a jQuery Lightbox clone,  for displaying the images in large-size.

jQuery Lightbox Clone

This lightbox clone is very good-looking & can display:

  • images
  • present the images as an image gallery
  • Flash

It works in all major browsers & animation speed, opacity and more settings can be updated.

This is a 3D Flash gallery built with Papervision 3D.

It uses a XML as the database for image information & displays the images with a nice effect.

Papervision 3D Image Gallery

You can check a demo of the gallery here.

The download package includes the source files which is good for improving it and/or taking a deeper look to the use of Papervision 3D.

Update: Tutorial on creating a Papervision 3D gallery can be found here.

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