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Caching and compression of every kb served has a huge effect on site performance.

Image Cache is a lightweight PHP class that compresses, moves, and caches the image in the user’s browser.

PHP Image Cache

After that, it returns the new source of the image to be printed in an image tag which results in a serious gain on load time.

The class works by simply setting options like the directory, the base URL, etc. and calling a compress function for each image.

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  • When using text over images, if the image is random, the text can become unreadable once the text + image colors are similar.

    BackgroundCheck is a small JavaScript library for preventing such issues by auto-changing the style of the element to a darker or lighter one.


    Once an element overlaps an image, it adds  .background--dark or .background--light classes to it. And, creating the related styles for each class would be enough.

    It is possible to limit the functionality to only selected images, define the dark/light threshold and more.

    You’ll remember Smartimage which was shared previously at WRD.

    In case you don’t, it is a user-friendly service that simplifies the life of companies by helping them manage all the media (in AI, EPS, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and PDF) related to their brands (logo, guidelines, images or documents).


    Admins are able to upload these media and users can download them in multiple auto-generated sizes.

    Smartimage recently released v2 with more options for customization and new features that will improve the brand asset management experience.

    Besides managing and distributing logos, photos and document files, it is now possible to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos to the collections too.

    Smartimage Sample

    A handy improvement is the “password-protected collections“. You can define a password for a collection, share it with intended audiences and they will be required to enter the password before the content can be viewed, downloaded or shared. This useful feature rounds out the collection privacy settings as public, private or password-protected as a means of keeping information secure.

    And, the design of the app can be customized further with multiple themes and custom header images so that it’ll match your corporate identity as much as you prefer.

    Smartimage - Responsive

    The app has a powerful admin panel allowing you to manage all the contents and users. Also, it gives valuable insights about the usage (like the number of views or downloads).

    To sum up, Smartimage is very functional for any company willing to control the media of their brands and provide a lovely experience to end users that want to get these media.

    Photoshop documents (PSD) exist for a very long time and they are mostly a “locked box”.

    Alternative programs like Gimp or IrfanView exist for viewing the contents but that was hard to do via a programming language.

    PSD.rb is a Ruby library, created by LayerVault, that offer a solid way for parsing Photoshop documents.

    It can easily get the document structure, layer/folder info, fonts, flattened image data and more.


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  • Once, animated GIFs were the most standard way to display animation on web. Now, they are only used for few things (like loaders or very short animations) and mostly for fun.

    But, this or that way, “the legend of animated GIFs” is  always alive.

    If you are looking for an animated GIF, Giphy is your best friend as it is a search engine that is totally focused on these files.

    There are thousands of files in its index and you can easily locate the right files by keyword + view the animation by simply hovering each.


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