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Tile5 is an open source HTML5 mapping JavaScript library that enables developers to integrate existing mapping platforms for providing a rich HTML5 experience.

It is compatible with most of the mapping providers like Google, Bing, Yahoo, MapQuest and more.


Besides the API for mapping, the library is also functional for creating more generic tiling application interfaces.

With the compatibility HTML5 offers, Tile5 is targeted at both desktop and mobile browsers.

Tip: there are very nice demos offered to see the power of the library.

Polymaps is a free JavaScript library for creating dynamic and interactive maps.

Besides the usual cartography from OpenStreetMap, CloudMade, Bing, etc., it works with image-based and vector-tiled maps by providing a quick display of multi-zoom datasets over maps, and supports a variety of visual presentations.


As Polymaps can load data at a full range of scales, it’s a good fit for showing information from country level on down to states, cities, neighborhoods, and individual streets.

And, as it uses SVG to display information, you can use CSS rules to define the design of the data.

OpenHeatmap is a highly customizable mapping resource that comes in 2 flavors:

  • web-based free service:  creating maps that can be shared easily (for end-users)
  • jQuery plugin: more flexible choice with using either Flash or HTML5’s Canvas element to create maps (for developers).


It makes generating thematic maps possible by using the OSM XML file format (OpenStreetMap).

And, if wanted, density/blob based traditional heatmaps can be created too.

The plugin has a feature-rich API and every aspect of the maps can be controlled with JavaScript (like adding pop-ups, allowing zoom, changing colors and sizes, etc.).

MooGeo is a MooTools plugin that makes accomplishing common geolocation tasks easy.

These tasks include getting detailed info about an IP (country, city, longitude, latitude, etc.), parsing geographical data from text and even finding Flickr photos about a given place.

MooGeo MooTools Geolocation Plugin

The plugin makes use of multiple free-to-use services like:

  • Yahoo PlaceMaker
  • Yahoo GeoPlanet
  • W3C Geo location
  • Flickr.places.findLatLon

and wraps them into a single package.

MooGeo has also support for events on every level (when a request is sent, completed, success or error) which helps offering a better experience to end users.

Geolocation is one of the most popular subjects for today's web & there are many solutions that help geo-enabling web applications.

YQL Geo Library is an impressive resource for geolocation as it is totally free & JavaScript-based.

It has various powerful features like:

  • detecting the visitor’s location with the W3C geo API and with IP as a fallback
  • find geo location from text
  • find location from lat/lon pair
  • find locations in a certain web document (by URL)
  • get the location for a certain IP number

YQL Geo Library

The library is lightweight (4kb uncompressed) & non-complicated. It just works by calling a function like:

  alert( + ',' + +  
        ' (' + + ',' +
      + ')'

will get you the city, country, latitude & longitude of any given IP.

gMap is a lightweight (2kb) jQuery plugin for easily integrating Google Maps into any website.

It can embed a map with a tiny function like:


and can be customized further with settings like:

  • latitude/longitude
  • default zoom level
  • markers, their positions, info to display as a pop-up, custom marker images
  • mapping controls on/off
  • & more..

jQuery Google Maps Plugin

Thematic maps are very useful when describing statistical data about places. The data, simply, becomes much easier to understand.

Cartographer is a JavaScript library for creating thematic maps on Google Maps which supports custom styling.

It is only a one JavaScript file that relies on the powerful Raphael.js vector-graphics library.


It supports 3 visualizing types:

  • Chloropleth (color coded regions)
  • Pie charts
  • Point clusters

The areas on maps are mentioned as latitudes or regions (depending on the type) which means no hacking or manual calculations.

Every visualization type comes with different options like colors, opacity, stroke & more.

P.S. The library is currently on alpha state but pretty solid.

Map Icons Collection is a set of 600+ free placemark icons that can be used to mention almost anything on maps with style.

The set is categorized very well like restaurants, culture, sports & much more.

Sizes of the icons are mostly 27*27px or 32*37px and they are all transparent PNG format.

Placemark Icons

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  • Mapeed.AddressChooser is a Javascript script for creating an address form with a twist: it displays the address mentioned in Google Maps (can be used with another map provider by creating  your mapping proxy) in real-time.

    Ajax Google Maps

    The script adds a behavior on HTML form, & doesn’t generate HTML markup.

    It can also be plugged on any existing forms.

    You can focus the map to the user’s city/country with the IP used (if mapping provider supports).

    Mapeed.AddressChooser is well documented & has a nice demo with autocomplete.

    uMaps is an universal ActionScript 3.0 mapping API.

    This flexible API enables developers to build fully-customized solutions. The current version is integrated with OpenStreetMap and Microsoft Virtual Earth map data.

    ActionScript Map API

    uMaps features:

    • Support for custom map tiles and providers
    • Flash / Flex versions
    • KML Support
    • FLA-Based Map Controls
    • Marker Manager
    • Advanced content layering

    Using a universal API is very helpful as you can easily switch between mapping providers without updating the codes. As Google Maps API for Flash is released (see WRD post), it may be integrated into uMaps too and can make the product better.

    This Flash mapping API is free for personal use and requires a license for commercial use.

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