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Digital media has become much more streamable in recent years. Faster Internet speeds allow uploaders and streamers to consume media at a more hasty pace. This advancement has created a world where developers can build amazing media players with much less code than ever before. The following audio players are completely free and super easy to add into any website. Take a peek at each example to see if any could be useful in your own project work.

Codrops Audio

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AngularJS is the JavaScript MVW Framework choice of many web developers as it simplifies creating dynamic views in web-applications while staying readable.

Videogular is a lovely HTML5 video player that is specifically created for AngularJS-powered apps and integrates to them perfectly.


It comes with bindable directives, a plugin system for extending further and support for theming.

There is native full-screen mode and the player works smartly on mobile with showing/hiding the unsupported features.

Once, Flash was the standard to serve audio + video through web and a single format was enough to display them nicely.

Right now, HTML5 is the standard and browsers + devices expect different file formats., a professional encoding service, simplifies converting media from one type to another and it supports video, audio and images.

With the help of an API or web interface, we can send our encoding requests and get the converted files very quickly. We can even define where those files will be placed (like Amazon or Rackspace clouds).

There is no need to know which formats are required for a specific job. There are presets for popular use cases (for mobile, HTML5 browsers, Flash, etc.) and can handle the rest.

The service is also capable of editing the media like adding watermarks, split screen, picture-in-picture, resizing or cropping them. - HTML5 Ready also integrates tightly with their “universal video URL” service which simplifies things even more for some uses.

This is a very handy service for “any size usage” whether there is a batch or single job to be processed and there are plans for all, including a free plan.

P.S. This post is a sponsored review.

HTML5 video is awesome and makes consuming video on multiple devices so easy.

However, it also has its own problems: the videos run on the native video player in mobile devices which makes interacting with the rest impossible (or displaying multiple videos at the same time) and different versions are required for browser compatibility.

Frame Player

Frame Player is an original method to display video; it uses JSON data (of data URIs) and the video is mimicked by showing the images frame-by-frame.

It is compatible with all browsers, can be customized however preferred and PHP + Nodejs converters are available.

Considering there will be no streaming, it is a good idea to prefer to player on short videos.

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  • Users with modern browsers are increasing each day and making use of features like HTML5 audio sounds more and more logical.

    AudioPlayer.js is a jQuery plugin for quickly placing a HTML5-powered audio player to any web page.

    jQuery HTML5 Audio Player

    The player’s interface is chic (doesn’t use any images for that), has a responsive layout and touch support.

    It has the major controls (play/pause, volume and duration) and weights only 4kb.