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When working on mobile web apps, you may have experienced that browsers have differences in their gesture APIs.

DeepTissue.js is a library that removes such differences (of MSPointer, WebKit Touch and mouse pointer APIs) and provides a cross-browser gesture handling library.


It has support for all the major events like tap, double tap, tap and hold, rotate, scale or swipe.

The library is standalone but a jQuery-friendly version is also under development.

Junior is a HTML5 front-end framework for creating mobile apps that look and behave like native.

It uses CSS3 transitions for a slick performance, supports swipable carousels and includes various UI components (from Ratchet).

Junior Front-End Framework

The framework uses Zepto (which is nice for jQuery fans as it has a jQuery-like syntax) and has integration with backbone.js views + routers.

 Junior is pretty easy to use and has the documents + examples to get you started

We all know the iOS folder interface: “clicking a folder changing the opacity of other elements and displaying the contents inside a sliding element”.

App-Folders is a jQuery that mimics that behavior and works on both desktop + mobile browsers.

jQuery App Folders

Folders can include any HTML element (images, text, video ,etc.) and each folder gets its own URL that makes direct-linking possible.

The look/feel doesn’t have to be iOS-like but it can be themed completely for creating attractive layouts (check demo).

Mobile_Detect is an open source PHP class for detecting mobile devices.

It uses the User-Agent string combined with various HTTP headers in order to detect the mobile environment.

The class can easily understand whether the platform is mobile, tablet or desktop.

PHP Mobile Detect

Also, functions exist for detecting whether it is iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.

And, we can even drill-down to the versions of the platforms and browsers if needed.

It has a huge library of devices (including Nook, Nexus, Kindle, Archos..) and browsers for a stable detection.

Ratchet is an open source toolkit for easily prototyping iPhone apps using web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

It has lots of iOS-looking components like buttons, forms, bars, lists, toggles, sliders, etc. that can be inserted to the prototypes with few lines of code.


The download package is just the template files and the components library. Creating layouts is very easy and their look can be customized with CSS.

Ratchet is very well-documented and has lots of new features to arrive in the future.