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VideoBlocks, a fresh website offering professional footage, is giving away "3 Accounts with unlimited downloads for 1 month" to WRD readers.

Joining the giveaway is a very easy process, just check the details at the bottom of this post.

What is VideoBlocks

Using videos when presenting a product, web app or almost any other content in the web is becoming more and more common each day.

Although a production-from-scratch to make such videos attractive can be pricey, using VideoBlocks can help minimizing these costs.


It is a website providing unlimited downloads of 30,000+ stock videos, motion backgrounds, sound effects, production music, etc. to its members for a good price. And, these resources can be used in any type of projects (TV, web, radio..)

VideoBlocks regularly adds new clips to their database and the ones presented are very well-categorized/tagged which makes searching pretty easy.

There are videos/sounds on almost anything from explosions to nature, locations/places to animations or door sounds to dog barking ones that will help adding a twist to the footage being worked on.

Also there are other categories like looping videos, slow motion, time-lapse or nature and animals with each having their own sub-categories.

The footage presented is being used by well known companies like ABC, The History Channel, Discovery Channel and much more.

P.S. VideoBlocks offers a free 7-day unlimited downloads for any sign-up.

How to join the giveaway?

Just comment to this post and the winners will be selected on 28 September 2011 (1 week later) with the query below:

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=2474 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 3

Good luck.

rlightbox is a lightbox plugin that is built on top of jQuery + jQuery UI and comes with some fresh features that doesn't exist in its alternatives.

It can display any type of content from images to videos (YouTube and Vimeo), Flash files and HTML.

The plugin has a unique "panorama" feature for showing only part of an image but allowing users to view the rest with panning.


And, "live re-size" auto-scales the images in accordance with the browser size (which is great for responsive designs).

rlightbox can be set to display a single item or a set with th ehelp of pre-next buttons (there is support for keyboard navigation as well).

It is look and feel can be completely customized as the plugin is fully compatible with jQuery UI ThemeRoller.

Mobiscroll is a "wheel scroller user control" optimized for touchscreens to easily enter date and/or time which comes as a jQuery plugin.

It is highly customizable where values can be anything (including images) and can even be used as an alternative to the default select control (dropdown list).

The plugin's look can be changed easily with theming support and has ready-to-use good-looking skins (default, Android, Sense UI and iOS).

And, it integrates well with other JS frameworks including jQuery Mobile.

Mobiscroll jQuery Plugin

The number of iPad-specific magazines/content is increasing with a huge speed these days and you may be involved in such a project too.

If so, Magazine Grid will help a lot as it is a modern CSS framework, built specifically for iPad, which comes with common magazine design elements like pagination, gutters and a basic grid.

Magazine Grid

The framework uses HTML5 elements for structuring the magazine pages. Simply, an <article> element wraps up your page and <section>s define the portions of content.

Magazine Grid weights only 4kb and has a fallback style for devices with smaller screens.

Ideal Forms is a lightweight framework, built on the top of jQuery, for creating good looking and user-friendly forms.

It converts standard <input> elements into ones with rounded corners having an attractive focus effect. And, radio + checkbox elements are completely customized.

No images are used, they requires minimal HTML syntax and can be completely styled with CSS (comes with 3 themes).

The framework is unobtrusive and degrades gracefully with JavaScript disabled.

jQuery Ideal Forms