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Peity is a jQuery plugin for creating word-sized charts (sparklines) using HTML5 <canvas>.

It has support for bar, line and pie charts where color, width, radius and delimeter can be updated.

Peity jQuery Sparklines Plugin

The plugin adds a "change" event trigger to the graph elements, so, once their data is updated, the charts can be regenerated instantly.

If you would like to add new chart types, Peity can be extended by adding the new charting functions easily.

Skitter is a jQuery plugin that enables us to convert unordered lists into slideshows with attractive animations.

The slideshow can display the list of slides as numbers or thumbnails and items can be browsed with the help of prev-next buttons as well.

It has many original animation types including cube (with various sub-types), tube, block and more.

Skitter jQuery Slideshow

There are several options offered for maximum customization like: velocity (for the animation particles), interval between each slide or label display on/off.

Another nice feature is the ability to mention the animation type for each slide as a class name which allows us to use multiple animation types inside one slideshow.

jQuery.Easie.js is a plugin for the popular JavaScript framework for creating CSS3-like easing animations.

With the help of a web-based drag 'n' drop interface, it enables you to create the easing curve and generates the related jQuery + CSS3 code automatically.

jQuery Easie.js

This way, you can use the CSS easing code for supported browsers and the JavaScript code as a fallback.

The plugin is lightweight (2kb) and works pretty fast by using lookup tables.

Speakker is an open source and customizable HTML5 audio player that can be inserted into any web page with a few lines of JavaScript.

It is very flexible; dimensions can be changed, unlimited colors can be used and there are 2 built-in button themes.

Also, you can select between 2 player types, mini or big where the big version also enables users to control a playlist.

The project uses the Projekktor's core and has other features like Flash-fallback, shuffling, a customizable interface and much more.

Speakker HTML5 Audio Player

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  • Maqetta is a web-based WYSIWYG application which focuses on easing the process of creating HTML5 web pages.

    The project is open source, does not require any plugins to run and can be used as a hosted service or by installing locally.

    Its interface works with drag 'n' drops, there is support for desktop-like functions like undo/redo, preview in browser, save/save as and much more.

    Maqetta HTML5 WYSIWYG App

    This version of Maqetta has the best support for Dojo library and enables you to insert the widgets/controls (like buttons, accordion menus, calendar, etc.) of the library instantly.

    The application makes getting feedback for the pages developed easier with the ability to create multiple reviews (for ex: for each version). The developer simply selects the pages to be reviewed and the system automatically sends e-mail invitations to reviewers. And, reviewers can either share their thoughts as text comments and/or on-screen graphical annotations (rectangles, ovals, arrows and text).

    Maqetta has much more integrated features like the ability to create wireframes with the help of a sketch theme, mobile authoring tools and more.