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Digital media has become much more streamable in recent years. Faster Internet speeds allow uploaders and streamers to consume media at a more hasty pace. This advancement has created a world where developers can build amazing media players with much less code than ever before. The following audio players are completely free and super easy to add into any website. Take a peek at each example to see if any could be useful in your own project work.

Codrops Audio

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Web animation was always a possibility even dating back to the 1990s. But back then very few people had Internet access, and the technologies were so new it was difficult to create meaningful effects. Nowadays there are significantly more resources for animated web effects – yet there’s still an even balance between meaningful and silly animations.

This gallery focuses on 20+ interesting animated effects that you can recreate using JavaScript.

Happy Snowman

happy animated moving snowman css

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Pure CSS graphics are some of the most interesting advancements in modern web design. Although there isn’t a wide net of browser support, CSS3 can now render icons and graphics using nothing but code. This may not be useful in every project but for those who love CSS it’s a fun way to design new ideas. You might even try blending these codes into a code builder like IMCreator. Feel free to copy and edit these free CSS code snippets which are perfect for building graphics out of nothing but HTML and CSS code.


pure css santa claus graphic

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Only you know the answer to that question. A healthy web design practice requires that you use the resources that personally do it for you. You need to work with tools and platforms that help you build client websites quickly, and easily. So you can take on more projects and increase your earnings.

For starters, have a look at what else is out there. Be open to new methods. So what if you never used a website builder or web design platform before? Who knows, maybe that’s your ticket to unprecedented productivity. This is a list with top-of-the-line website creation platforms and page building tools in 2015.


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  • How many times have you needed to launch a new project online with a simple signup field or “coming soon” message? Now think about how many clients and other designers around the world also run into this dilemma. Coming soon landing pages are immensely valuable and offer even more value when built for a CMS like WordPress.

    Take a look over the following examples of Coming Soon themes for WordPress. Most are free while others are sold as premium themes with extra admin options. Either way this collection should have plenty of themes which can benefit anyone who needs a coming soon homepage.


    landis premium landing page theme wordpress

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