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Few days ago, Adobe has launched the Flash Player 11 which is a milestone for the product as the new Stage3D API that allows up to 1,000 times faster rendering compared to Flash Player 10.

It focuses on the 3D content and the widely-used 2D content won't be getting the advantages of this new feature.

Starling Framework

Starling Framework, a pure ActionScript 3 library, aims to fill this gap by rendering all content through GPU.

The framework has a familiar API which makes it very easy to use for Flash developers. Even the live-Flash-websites can be improved with it just by exchanging the native Flash classes with their Starling equivalents.

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  • When working on a new web project, displaying a "coming soon page" on its website is a common and good way of informing the visitors about "when it will be launched", contacts details and even the progress of the project.

    Sooner or Later is an exclusive coming soon template for WebResourcesDepot readers that is designed by Viv Singh of

    Free Coming Soon Template

    The template is simplistic, has an easy-to-update HTML code and displays a countdown timer for providing an exact launch date-time to visitors.

    It makes use of the the Final Countdown plugin for jQuery and launch date can be defined very quickly.

    There are also links for the most popular social networks: Facebook and Twitter, so the users can keep connected while the website is not ready.

    License: Feel free to use it on any personal or commercial projects (no back links are required but please keep the attributes in the source). It is only not allowed to re-distribute template.

    jQuery Drag'n Drop Demo

    Flexible Nav is a jQuery plugin that can automatically generate a sitemap-like navigation for web pages.

    It analyzes the heading tags of the page and displays them on the right side of the page as links by proportionally keeping the distances between each item.

    Each link gets users to the related items and, as the user scrolls, the navigation keeps showing "on which part of the page you are".

    jQuery Flexible Navigation

    As the name states, the plugin is flexible in many aspects; it can target any custom tags (rather than headings) or create the navigation for a given wrapper rather than the whole <body>.

    The plugin is specially handy for web pages that are updated frequently in a given structure as there will be no need to update the navigation each time.

    SimpleModal is a MooTools plugin for creating modal boxes very easily.

    The plugin is lightweight and can be used to display alert/confirmation dialogs besides any HTML content (text, image, video, etc.).

    For the confirm dialogs, it provides a callback function. Also, SimpleModal can work in asynchronous mode and get contents from inline or other URLs.

    Its look and feel can be customized with options like opacity, width, overlay color, draggable on/off and more.

    SimpleModal For MooTools

    For any project, knowing the market, its size and behaviors/expectations of the users is a must. Same for web design.. and mobile web design.

    Our Mobile Planet is an effort managed in partnership by Google, Ipsos and the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) for understanding the mobile user and how they consume mobile.

    With a fresh data behind, it is possible to drill-down into the statistics by selecting categories (penetration, behavior, activities, e-commerce and advertising), their sub-categories and countries.

    Our Mobile Planet

    Also, Our Mobile Planet allows filtering the results with other variables like age or gender and change the chart type that results are displayed.

    The results can be exported in .CSV, .XSL and .PNG formats.