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Although WordPress has gotten easier to manage for administrators it has grown very complex for developers. There are numerous APIs and it seems like every update includes more detailed functionality. How can you keep up with all of these changes? Well aside from converting into a cybernetic organism to download information right into your brain, you’ll just have to study and practice.

Memorization is the key to mastery as well as repetition. This gallery includes 15 cheatsheets for WordPress APIs, loops, theme anatomy, plugin development, and plenty of other resources. If you’re trying to learn a specific part of WordPress then this collection will definitely have something for you. Alternatively you might download a copy of these cheatsheets and keep them stored locally for future reference.

WP Reference Guide

wordpress reference guide v3 online

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PDF files and other related formats are usually secured without editing. Sometimes you’ll also get files which behave like a flat image where you can’t even select the text. This can get pretty frustrating if you’re working on a detailed project. But thankfully we have technology called optical character recognition.

This task known as OCR can distinguish various letters on a page, much like turning an image into a contextual document. There are some great tools and plugins out there on the web for this exact purpose. I’ve put together an excellent compilation in the showcase below.

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AlivePDF is an open-source ActionScript 3 (Flash, Flex, AIR) PDF generation library. It allows you to generate PDF‘s on the client-side.

You can use AlivePDF with Flash, Flex and Adobe AIR applications. Some sample codes can be found here.

PDF Flash

There also few tutorials about using it with AIR and Flex here

If you need a powerful PDF library for ASP.NET, you may find many paid solutions & it is hard to find a free one.

PDFsharp is an open source PDF library for ASP.NET that makes it possible & easy to create PDF files from any .NET language.

Free ASP.NET PDF Library

Using PDFsharp you can:

  • create new PDF documents with text, lines, curves, images, etc.
  • modify, merge, and split existing PDF files or incorporate pages from existing PDF files into new PDF documents.

PDFsharp, which is written completely in C#, includes MigraDoc lite (in German) which gives you more functionality like dealing with a document consisting of sections, paragraphs, tables, charts.