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Many web users are fans of feeds (RSS, Atom, etc.) as there is no other better way of following multiple sources of web content.

Google has announced that they are closing Google Reader by 1st of July 2013 and, if you are a user of it, you’ll be hunting for an alternative before that date.

It is great that Google Reader has an export feature for getting the subscription list. In short:

  • Click “Settings” icon in Google Reader and then the “Reader Settings”.
  • Choose “Import/Export” and click “Download your data through Takeout” and Google Takeout will guide you with the rest.

You may choose to keep following feeds with a web-based (hosted or self-hosted), desktop or a browser-integrated solution and here are all the good ones.

P.S. If your favorite is missing, please share them too.





Netvibes is a service that is around for a very long time. It was famous with its iGoogle-like dashboard (that is actually created before iGoogle).

The service has both free + pro plans and the free plan is enough to get a Google Reader-like experience by importing unlimited feeds and switching to the list view.



Newsblur is a very nice feed reader application which has the ability to load the real web-page besides displaying the feed-view.

Its free plan is limited to 64 feed addresses which may be enough for many. Also, the application is open sourced (check the self-hosted ones below).

The Old Reader

The Old Reader

The application has a very simplistic interface, allows categorizing the feeds and browse them easily.
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Infinite-Social-Wall is an open source PHP-MySQL application for presenting any social activity in a Pinterest-like interface.

The application can actually grab the content from any number of given RSS feeds but it has built-in styles and icons for social networking sites like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Github and more.

Infinite Social Wall

It makes use the awesome Isotope plugin for the layout and can scroll infinitely by loading new items while scrolling.

Infinite-Social-Wall uses the database for storing the parsed content from the feeds in our not to parse them each time.

For anyone willing to create such a self-updating website, the application is a very handy resource.

FeedEk is a jQuery plugin for parsing and displaying RSS and Atom feeds.

The plugin is so easy to use and can grab the feed items from any domain with a few lines of code.

Just mention the feed URL, how many items to be displayed, description and publish date to be shown or not and that's all.

FeedEk jQuery RSS Parser

selfoss is an open source and lightweight web application that can fetch content from any number of sources.

RSS is the content type supported by default, however, with its plugin system, any new source types (log files, e-mails, etc.) can be implemented by adding a single class.


The application has a simple-yet-functional interface which also supports navigating via keyboard.

It is also flexible in means of the database used; you can either go with MySQL, SQLite or MongoDB.

Tiny Tiny RSS is an open source and web-based feed reader application that offers a desktop-like user experience.

It is built with PHP, uses MySQL or PostgreSQL for storing data and makes use of the Magpie and SimplePie libraries (check PHP RSS Parsers) for fetching the feeds.

The interface is completely Ajaxed, there is support for RSS, RDF + Atom and protected/authenticated feeds can be read as well.

Tiny Tiny RSS

Tiny Tiny RSS not only fetches data but can re-publish them as well (again as a RSS feed). The data is also reachable via a JSON-based API.

The application supports multiple users, it is multilingual and has a mobile-version as well.

And, there are many other features like OPML import/export, keyboard shortcuts, duplicate content filtering or article scoring.