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Telerik, a very talented company that mostly creates resources for the Microsoft products, is sharing a set of 3 free Silverlight controls: Book, Gauge and TileView.

They are natively built on top of Silverlight 4 and have the capabilities of the platform, such as clipboard integration, right-click support, multi-touch support and more.


Silverlight Book Control

A "page turning” component to offer an experience like browsing a real book. The flip animations are smooth for better user experience.


Gauge Silverlight Component

A great component for dashboards or any other place to use graphical indicators.

It has a rich collection of circular, linear and numeric gauge types with powerful customization capabilities.


TileView Silverlight

The control enables users to interactively browse through the different panes with rich information.

They can be expanded, collapsed or rearranged panes to achieve the best layout they need.

TileView component offers built-in animations, drag-and-drop rearrangement of its tiles and full control over the different tiles states.

Silverlight, which is used in more websites everyday, has several beautiful free controls, components & tools that will help you develop websites faster & better.

They are not very easy to find as they are hidden inside the blogs of Silverlight developers or .NET products websites & there are still not so many resources where you can read about Silverlight.

WebResourcesDepot have collected these free Silverlight controls, components & tools to help making your websites brighter.

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GOA WinForms

Free Silverlight Controls

Use the standard System.Windows.Form .NET library for both Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight. It allows .NET developers to write standard WinForms applications that will run on these two RIA platforms.

AgDataGrid Suite – Free Silverlight Grid Control

Free Silverlight Grid Control

This free grid control has data grouping, data sorting, row editing, multi-row selection features & many more.

It is a feature-rich & very professional grid solution.

Visifire – Silverlight Charts

Silverlight Charts

Visifire (see WRD post) is one of the most powerful & well-documented open source chart solution that can be found in the net.

It can be used with ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails or just simple HTML. Animated 2D-3D column charts, bar charts, pie charts & more can be created with it.

SvLite Effects – Silverlight Dynamic Animations

Free Silverlight Effects

This Silverlight effects library is currently in beta (& can be paid in the future).

It has carousel panel, slide show, advanced wipe animations, fade animations and more. Animations can be easily configured & support chaining.

Silverlight.FX – Silverlight Effects Library

Silverlight Effects Library

Effects / transitions in this library are: resize, move, spin, fade, highlight, colorFill, shake, pulsate, crossFade, blinds, slide, and flip.

The download package can be found within the post & there are examples to show you its capabilities.
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