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Google Analytics, the most popular and free analytics tool around, has already an API to pull data from.

OOcharts, a free service, adds a layer between you and the GA API to simplify and improve the requests you make.

First of all, a JS library allows you to get any data with a visualization using the Google Charts.


OOcharts also helps you stay within the limits of Google Analytics API by queuing and the requests.

And, a caching feature makes sure you get the results of similar requests much faster.

FnordMetric is an open source web application for creating real-time dashboards that can visualize the data you want.

It uses Redis as the datastore (if you have the date in another db, it should be pushed there) and allows defining our own plotting + counting functions as Ruby blocks.


The application has a UI for for visualizing the data and, also,  it offers an HTML5/JavaScript API for inserting charts/data into web pages as widgets.

FonrdMetric has a detailed documentation from its installation steps to API usage.

Analytics applications provide great insights about website statistics + user behaviors and help us a lot to make the sites better.

However, only the data itself is not always enough and seeing the website + stats the way users experience and consume is definitely a much better way to understand “what is really going on”.

SeeVolution Inc. is an exciting application that overlays heatmaps and analytics on our web pages. And, the data presented is real-time.

Info: They are giving away 3 * Premium subscriptions for 6 months ($474 value/each) to WRD readers and details on joining the giveaway can be found at the end of this post.

SeeVolution Heatmap

The application is capable of tracking and presenting heatmaps of different scenarios:

  • Click heatmaps where we can see the clicked and, maybe more important, the non-clicked parts
  • Mouse move heatmaps to analyze which parts of the web page they are reading as mouse movements and eye tracking is directly related
  • Scroll heatmaps which is awesome to understand “until where the visitors scroll” and “what percent of them do that”
Simply, it visualizes all the stuff needed to detect the popular/unpopular parts of a web page, which items/elements attract them the most and what they (want to) see in the page.

SeeVolution Stats

SeeVolution is not all about website heatmaps and has more to offer by showing the real-time stats like “the number of active visitors (totally or in the web page)”, “the popular pages”, “how they reached the website”, etc.

Again, all the data is presented while we are browsing the website which is a time-saver.

Also, there are plugins for WordPress, Magento and Drupal so that integrations to these platforms are so easy (actually, integrations to any other website is not difficult at all -think of Google Analytics-).

The giveaway

SeeVolution is giving away 3 * Premium subscriptions for 6 months ($474 value/each) and in order to join it:

  • please comment to this post

And, the winners will be selected randomly on 21 Nov 2012 (1 week later) with the query below:

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Good luck to all.

The winners

Here they are:

  • Stasiu (comment #860312)
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Congratulations and thanks to everyone for joining the giveaway.

When it comes to tracking websites, there are open source analytics apps like Piwik, OWA or ChiliStats. But, for mobile, it is hard to find a good one.

Countly is a modern, real-time and open source mobile analytics application which can collect data from mobile phones and visualize that info for analyzing mobile app usage + end-user behaviour.

It is formed of 3 parts: the Countly server + frontend, iOS SDK and Android SDK.

With an event-driven system, almost every action can be tracked including in-app purchases, when a user closes the app, ad-click behavior, etc.

All these details are displayed in the slick interface of Countly. And, you are not limited to racking a single app. The same interface enables adding any number of apps.

In order to understand how your website is being consumed and to improve it, analyzing how users browse the website and which paths they follow is so important.

Although popular analytics apps like Google Analytics provide this information, Flow differentiates itself by focusing only to the visualization of paths, displaying real-time data and offering all of this with a slick, impressive and intuitive interface.

Mixpanel Flow

Rather than a chart, it displays a diagram of the actual paths people take when they browse your site and you can easily drill-down by clicking each item.

Also, it presents the number of people leaving from each page which is a great feedback to find out if those pages require improvements or not.