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Sketch App, created by the people from Bohemian code, is becoming for many professionals the favorite design tool for creating pixel-perfect digital interfaces. Sketch App isn’t new anymore and we can’t be surprised by its rise in popularity. Even though it was buggy when it was first launched, by now it has become an amazing tool to use for creating UI and web designs.

I’ve talked to many of my colleagues who never thought of giving up on Photoshop and most of them already use Sketch. I’m sure this situation happens also in your circles of friends.

Why would Sketch be used by so many people? Well, it’s good. Can’t ignore that. It has only the features you need, minus the photo editing features of Photoshop. Its price is another factor to consider it, being much cheaper than PS, but above all, Sketch is loved by many designers thanks to its community.

Sketch has one of the most beautiful community of designers, with many people sharing plugins, freebies and lots of tips.

In this article, you will see 47 Sketch App freebies that you can download and use in your work, for prototyping or designing purposes.

UI Kits and app templates UI Kit + Landing Page Design UI Kit + Landing Page Design

Recipe UI kit for Sketch
Recipe UI kit for Sketch
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How many times have you needed to launch a new project online with a simple signup field or “coming soon” message? Now think about how many clients and other designers around the world also run into this dilemma. Coming soon landing pages are immensely valuable and offer even more value when built for a CMS like WordPress.

Take a look over the following examples of Coming Soon themes for WordPress. Most are free while others are sold as premium themes with extra admin options. Either way this collection should have plenty of themes which can benefit anyone who needs a coming soon homepage.


landis premium landing page theme wordpress

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Creating a usable mobile app interface from scratch requires time, patience, and lots of caffeine. Photoshop and similar graphics editors are pixel-perfect tools meant to simplify the process of building an interface which can be coded into reality. This gallery includes a set of UI kits which are free to download and use on any project. Using these pre-designed elements can save you a lot of hardship and cups of coffee.

Awesome UI Kit

awesome flat ui kit psd freebie

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Only today and only for you Top50 Website Templates are going to determine who is who! Joomla vs. WordPress battle is about to begin! Please make your self comfortable and be ready to enjoy the show!

Today you’re welcome to participate in an extraordinary battle. It is far from the battle of the century, but you can sure bet on it! In the left corner of the ring you can see multiple CMS champion – WordPress! In the right corner of the ring meet beloved and well-recognized Joomla CMS! It is not the first time the competitors meet to challenge each other and definitely not the last one. But this is not the blood feud as it may seem. No! It is rather a friendly scuffle to keep each other fit. And really, there’s no reason for feud. Both CMS gained their wide popularity due to their extremely appealing features that make them easy to install and customize, to say nothing about being user-friendly and responsible. So they gain from the both sides: site manager and the final user.

But to make this battle more spectacular we added some special effects. No, there are no laser swords and blue aliens. We have chosen a topic for the battle that seems to be the most appetizing. In the direct meaning of this word. Food and everything connected to it: restaurants, cafes, breweries, bakeries. These mouth-watering templates won’t leave you indifferent. But don’t forget what we are here for! To compare the two CMS. So before dropping with saliva and running towards the kitchen for a sandwich or two look through the templates till the end and put your vote to the one of the balance pans.

So here are top50 Website Templates chosen for the battle. Best of the best fighters! Meet them with your loud applause! 50 mouth-watering themes are ready for the battle!

Juicy Responsive Joomla Template

Food & Drink Responsive Joomla Template

Details |Demo
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  • Web developers who love to build websites often run into the same problem: lacking a pixel-perfect design mockup. Without a competent designer you’re often left to rebuild existing ideas or code simple interfaces without too much detail. But you can also download free PSD or AI graphics to use as a replacement for your own designs.

    Check out this set of 20 brilliant free graphics for website layouts. Each item links to a freebie which you can download and customize your liking. Aside from web developers a designer might also enjoy taking apart these freebies to learn about new techniques.

    Flat UI Kit

    turqoise flat ui kit freebie

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