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For web projects where a continuous development will take place, it is important to be consistent regarding the usage of styles and code for any addition to be made in the future.

Style Guide Boilerplate is a free template to help anyone create and present their own “common design components” to easily find and use them later.

Style Guide Boilerplate

Such guides are also very useful for projects where multiple designers/developers are involved to share the common patterns.

It comes with “about, fonts, colors, base styles + pattern styles” sections and can be extended easily.

Single page websites became so much popular with the simplicity they offer for browsing content. And, the same popularity is valid for the parallax effect.

MightyDeals is running a deal that brings these 2 web trends and offering 20 one-page and parallaxed templates (by Flashmint) for a much discounted price.

MightyDeals Parallax Templates

The items in the bundle are all responsive and can be customized completely (they include the PSD sources).

Normally, the set is priced $681 but offered for $19 for a limited time.

It is definitely a good deal for anyone looking to build a good-looking and simple-yet-functional website quickly

HTML5 Up! is a website that creates and shares very good-looking and free HTML5-CSS3 templates.

All the templates have responsive layouts (down to mobile) (uses Skel.js) and they are compatible with all major browsers.

There are already 10+ templates where new ones are added within time and they can be used freely under the CCA license for both personal or commercial projects.

Free HTML5 Templates by HTML5 Up1

Boilerplates are usually very handy when starting new web projects as they provide an instant

HTML5 Bones is a boilerplate for HTML5-powered websites including the most-required stuff (normalize.css, html5shiv, etc.) in the markup.

HTML5 Bones

Besides the markup, it is very well commented which works as a useful guide for anyone new into HTML5.

It simply shows the usage of HTML5 markup including header, section, article, footer and more (there is also an example of video as well).

Few weeks ago, EmailCraft, an e-mail/newsletter design and markup service, has contacted me asking whether their service can be reviewed at WRD.

I thought this was a chance to offer another nice freebie to WRD readers and try the service which I was aware of for a long time.

EmailCraft gifted their “Design & Markup” package (priced $178). I was also in need of a newsletter design for a project I was part of (ioDeck) and ordered a design-markup for it.

The brief was simple: “a slick newsletter to share any upcoming features with few screenshots and details”. The output is pretty nice, we’ll be using it regularly and want to share it considering you may want to as well. Here it is (click for full version):

ioDeck Free Newsletter

The communication with the EmailCraft team was great and they created 2 different templates to choose from.

I selected the one above and requested few revisions. They were so responsive and quickly replied to the changes I asked for (all the process took only few days).

In the past, I have used PSD to HTML services and this was the first time for an e-mail markup service.

Imho, it makes so much sense as designing newsletters is a pain considering each e-mail client has its own rules and things are much worse compared to crafting HTML-CSS for websites (btw, the template above is compatible with all major e-mail clients/platforms).

P.S. The template is completely free to be used in personal and commercial projects with no attributions. It is only not allowed to redistribute the template.