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Well, mostly disliked by everyone, even the employers, resumes are parts of the business world & in most cases required when applying for a job.

And, they can also be helpful when you’re not searching for a job but willing to present your experience.

For web designers & developers, probably, the best method of having a CV is having it online as employers will be from the online world as well.

Free HTML Resume Template

SampleResumeTemplate is a free HTML resume template which provides a clean presentation with various list types (both vertical & horizontal) that makes it easier to use & improve (built with YUI Grids Framework).

You may also want to check 5 free HTML resume templates from Terril Dent or this one from Alex King.

Sendn is presenting 10+ well-designed free newsletter templates which you can find handy for using them in your own web apps, e-mail marketing processes..

Several different types of templates exist like 1/2 columns or with/without menus.

Free Newsletter Templates

Templates come with .zip files with the image & HTML files.

They are free to be used in both personal & commercial projects.

JPolite is a lightweight portal framework, built with jQuery, for creating Netvibes-like interfaces.

It is a powerful base for creating complex / customizable websites quickly.


JPolite seperates content, appearance and behavior. And, it makes turning a content module into tabbed or accordion presentations very easy.

Some examples of the ease it provides:

  • A form with class="ajaxform1 will automatically turned into an Ajaxed form.
  • Any link with class="thickbox" will be displayed in Thickbox & more.

To check this interesting project, click here.

Solucija is featuring 30+ quality & free website templates.

These CSS – XHTML templates are all lightweight (under 60kb) & they are very handy to get inspired,  to use by modifying or, in some cases, just using how they already are.

Free Website Templates

Templates can be used both in non-commercial & commercial websites.

Wufoo, an online form builder application, is presenting 75+ downloadable & free XHTML-CSS form templates.

Templates include:

  • Mailing list
  • Contact form
  • Employment application
  • Donation form & many more.

Free XHTML CSS Form Templates

Templates can be customized easily via CSS, manually or with the pre-built CSS files.

P.S. Some templates have also tooltips like this contact form. is presenting 90+ free CSS layouts that might be handy for creating websites faster.

Layouts are grouped into two:

Free CSS Layouts

All layouts are validated against strict DocType & created as 1024*764px (they can be modified easily to fit your needs).

CakeMail is presenting 15+ free newsletter templates which are suitable for simple-to-advanced deliveries.

Free E-mail Templates

Downloads include 1 column & 2 column templates.

Besides using them, it is nice to see how a newsletter must be from a company specialized in this area with the unsubscribe links, ability to view a web-version and the presentation.

Almost every web project needs a "launch page (under construction page)" or a page to show when the website is under maintenance.

Rather than creating a new one from scratch for every project, here is a free launch page with an Ajax newsletter.

Don't forget to bookmark this resource at

Free Launch - Under Construction Page


E-mails are saved in a .txt file with ";" delimiters. So they can be used anytime with a simple copy-paste.

Important: Before using this free launch page, change the name of the text file to anything hard to guess and also update the name of this text file in newsletter.php file's 1st line.

You can use this template as is or update it easily to fit your needs.

Features of this free launch page:

  • Ajaxed interface
  • Server-side e-mail validation (secure)
  • E-mails are saved in a text file with ";" delimiter. So, when your website is launched, you can simply copy and paste them to your favorite e-mail application and announce the launch.
  • Configurable error & success messages
  • Cross-browser (tested in all major browsers)


PSD files of bubbles are included in the download package.

This launch page is free to use (no links required) but can not be distributed from any other website or sold.

If you share it as a resource in your website, please link to this post. Thanks.

WooThemes, which is the new face of "Premium News Themes" (, launched recently with some nice features.

They are a team of 4 well-known WordPress theme designers; Adii, Magnus Jepson, Mark Forrester and Elliot Jay Stocks who are about to rise the bar in premium themes market.

Premium WordPress Themes

Rather than the famous news theme "Premium News Theme" was offering, WooThemes currently offers 10 themes and officially promises to release at least 1 new theme every month.

A new feature; "WooThemes Club" can be a good address for users who like changing themes frequently as members of the club can download every theme (and the new themes released).

In my opinion, ProudFolio, a new WordPress theme created by Elliot Jay Stocks is very unique as it is totally targeted to designers & other creative people who wants to present their portfolio and have a blog at the same time.

And Vibrant CMS is again a new theme which is business-targeted & very elegant (this is also the base theme of WooThemes).

If you’re looking for quality WordPress themes with support, WooThemes is a powerful option for that.

P.S. This post is a review.

CSS Creme has released a beautiful free XHTML-CSS e-commerce template which you can use in your projects or inspired from.

Free E-Commerce Template

This e-commerce / e-shop template features 3 pages:

  • Product listing template
  • Product detail template
  • Form template (contact us)

There are also ready-to-use hover tooltips inside the template.


CSS Creme features other nice free CSS templates.

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