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While developers may love diving under the hood, those are usually marketing people who end up using content management systems and paying money for web design agencies. And so great content management systems must be built with the actual content managers in mind first. One of such systems is ImpressPages.

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Summernote is a simple, clean and flexible WYSIWYG Editor that is built on top of jQuery and Bootstrap.

It supports Bootstrap’s both active versions (2 and 3) and has keyboard shortcuts for all major tasks.

Summernote WYSIWYG Editor

There is a powerful API which provides lots of customization options in means of design (width, height, active items..) and functionality.

The project also has integration samples for major scripting languages or frameworks (PHP, Ruby, Django, Nodejs).

Sir Trevor is an open source website content editor which does not presuppose anything about how things will be rendered.

It only uses JSON and Markdown and does not store anything in HTML.

Sir Trevor

The editor uses blocks for content and multiple block types exist by default: text, image, quote, list, video and more. Also, new block types can be created with ease.

Sir Trevor is totally client-side, has options for customization and provides callbacks on every action.

StackEdit is a free and open source Markdown editor that is based on PageDown (the library used by Stack Overflow).

The editor is capable of creating and managing multiple documents and they are stored in local storage.

Also, it can import to/export from Google Drive or Dropbox and save documents as HTML.

StackEdit - Markdown Editor

The created documents can be published on multiple sites like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, GitHub and more with a built-in shortcut.

StackEdit already has the major actions like text styles, hyperlink, image, etc. and any custom ones can be added with the help of an “extensions” menu created.

Create.js is an open source, JavaScript-powered web editing interface for content management systems.

The interface focuses on simplicity and aims to enable the user edit the content without leaving the page but complete the edits directly on the viewed content.

It has support for the plain contentEditable, Aloha, and Hallo editors (more to be added) and, various configuration options exist to customize the behavior of Create.js.