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PhantomJS is a command-line tool that acts like a WebKit browser without any interface.

It has a fast and native support for various web standards:DOM handling, CSS selector, JSON, Canvas, and SVG.


The tool can be totally scripted via JavaScript and is a handy solution for many things like:

  • automated testing of web apps
  • site scraping
  • capturing pages
  • PDF converting
  • and much more..

Also, it can work on Windows, Mac + Linux environments (and, the next version is expected to support CoffeeScript).

Wink Toolkit is a JavaScript framework for creating mobile web applications with less-hassle.

It comes in multiple parts where the "core" (which includes HTTP requests utilities, event management system or DOM extensions) is a must to use and every other feature is optional.

Such a structure helps keeping the filesize minimum which is pretty important when it is mobile.

Wink Toolkit

The UI widgets of the framework is very rich and consists of 3D wall, accordion, sliding panels, flip page, coverflow, progress bar and much more.

There are also libraries for a slick user experience with drag 'n' drop, gesture recognizer or browser history.

Wink Toolkit is a project of Dojo Foundation and also expected to be a part of the Dojo Mobile.

Streamie is a web-based, totally real-time and open source Twitter client which makes use of the latest web standards such as HTML5 and CSS3.

It has different menus for displaying mentions, direct messages, favorites or retweets. And, as expected, you can send tweets easily.


A number of options help customizing the application like message filtering, display settings and enabling geolocation.

The application is fully Ajaxed + uses nodeJS, less.js, require.js and Socket.IO which can be a good way of getting experienced in these "getting popular" resources.

SSHMeIn is a totally Ajaxed and open source web application that helps managing remote Unix servers behind firewalls.

Once a SSH tunnel is opened within the server, the application can control it easily.

If you are managing multiple servers, they can be organized in groups for easier access.


It has an increased security via unique keys for each computer, date-time of the last verification can be viewed.

There is also a web service which allows indication to a remote computer to open the configured tunnel according to the parameters provided.

Simply, SSHMeIn is a very handy application if you have your own .nix servers.

There are many database editors with advanced features, but sometimes, a smaller and simpler tool is all we need.

DBKiss is a MySQL and PostgreSQL manager application that is only a single PHP file.


It has most of the features you can ask for including:

  • import/export of data
  • searching of the whole database or single tables
  • an advanced SQL editor
  • saving of templates
  • multi-query execution with pagination

Also, it is compatible with MySQL versions 3.23 through 5.x and PHP 4 or 5.

Simply, it is a must-have for every developer, specially for the ones who need to work with different databases from time-to-time and need a quick solution.

Pimcore is a feature-rich and robust PHP content management system, that is built with Zend Framework, for creating and managing digital content + assets.

The interface is powered with ExtJS and almost all editing is done via drag 'n' drops.

It is possible to work on multiple documents at the same time with the help of the multi-tabbed usage.


Pimcore is also a product information management framework (PIM) which means true multi-channel publishing and integration into ecommerce systems like Magento and OXID eSales.

The application is powerful on controlling digital assets as well. It can be integrated to the desktop using WebDAV or to the 3rd party systems via web services.

For images, it can analyze them automatically (EXIF data), create thumbnails and enable you to edit them (rotate, crop, etc.).

If the assets are documents, it offers web-previews using a Scribd account. And a similar preview works for videos using Youtube.

Pimcore has many other advanced features like versioning, built-in caching, permission-based user management, multilingual interface and much more.

phpScenario is an object-oriented and open source PHP library for implementing simple A/B testing with as little code as possible but still being powerful.

Default tests can be ran with only a single line of code and results are rendered XML-based (HTML via included XSL stylesheet).

The library supports PDO and Zend Framework DBALs. Also, it has various options for running more customized tests like using identifiers other than PHPSESSID.


Signature Pad is a jQuery plugin which transforms an HTML form into a canvas where users can draw their signatures.

It has 2 modes:

  • TypeIt mode where the user’s signature is automatically generated as HTML text and styled with @font-face from the input field where the name is typed.
  • DrawIt mode where the users can draw their signatures on the canvas element.

Signature Pad jQuery Plugin

The signature submitted is stored as a JSON array which makes re-generating it possible.

And, the plugin doesn't need to be used as its name suggests, you can ask users to draw anything and store it easily.

Delivering content in any media as quickly and easily as possible is a good decision to reach more readers.

iPad, with the popularity it has and being -also- considered as an ebook reader, is definitely one of them.

Baker is an open source HTML5 framework to publish ebooks for iPads with minimal effort.

Baker Framework

In order to use the framework, HTML5 pages should be created with a fixed width of 768px.

For a temporary period, files should be named as 1.html, 2.html.. however, developers are working on the HPub format which will be more flexible.

There is a ready-to-use Xcode project provided where you can include the book, a custom icon and submit the final product to the App Store.

Artisan JS is a JavaScript library which focuses on easing in-browser drawing using HTML5 canvas.

It offers simpler and shorter-to-write functions for creating and styling objects.

Artisan JS

Most importantly, the library enables using every object like a layer which canvas doesn't have by default. So you can add shapes to a layer anytime.

Also, a stacks feature helps grouping layers to control them better ( here is an article on layer and stack usage).

P.S. Artisan JS is a standalone library that doesn't require an JavaScript frameworks.

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