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dgrid is an open source, advanced and highly flexible datagrid component for Dojo.

It makes use of modern web technologies, lightweight in size and runs pretty fast.

The functionality can be extended with ready-to-use column plugins (editor, tree, etc.) and extensions (drag 'n' drop, pagination..). Any new ones can be created as well.

dgrid - Dojo Datagrid

The look/feel of the grids can be completely customized with the theming support. There is support for keyboard interactions and it is tested to work in mobile too.

dgrid is very well documented with examples and tutorials to easily get started.

Morris.js is a small JavaScript library for visualizing time-series data beautifully.

It is built on top of jQuery + Raphaël and displays the data over an interactive line graph.

The library has a very straightforward API with a single function that requires the data, labels color, line width and few more settings.


Centurion is an open source application which is both a fully-functional CMS and a base/framework for building project-specific content management/admin systems.

It is built on top of Zend and comes with features like user/comment/navigation management, social sign-in, internal search and more besides the handling of content.

A single installation can control multiple sites and the sites can have multiple languages.


Centurion comes with an intuitive datagrid that works with any types of custom data and has capabilities like smart filtering, easy search, sorting, paging, ordering and bulk handling.

For creating + editing data, a powerful form module exists which you can create a form with your own data model. It has built-in components like rich text editor, multi select, switcher, multi upload, datepicker, error messages.

There are also many other re-usable components that will ease creating such a CMS system including caching, file handling, feed generation, lazy loading and much more.

Enlight (English version exists) is an open source framework, based on Zend and Symphony 2, for creating e-commerce applications easier and faster.

It is built by the experienced e-commerce company Shopware and also powers the base behind their commercial product.

The framework has lots of components that can bring any type of apps to life including: database connection, authentication, form handling, datagrid, navigation, e-mail delivery and more.

Enlight E-Commerce Framework

Besides the frontend, a base with similar features exist for the backend where both parts can be improved with the help of a plugin system (a bootstrap file is provided for creating new plugins).

Enlight is not a direct competitor to any ready-to-use e-commerce system but a starting point for anyone looking to develop custom ones.

iUI is a mobile web framework that has been around for a long time (since 2007) compared to many other mobile resources.

It was mentioned in a previous WRD article (iPhone Application And Website Development: All Tools And Tutorials You Need) and evolved much since then.

The framework includes a JavaScript library, CSS and images for developing touch-enabled web apps.

iUI Mobile Framework

User interfaces to be created are iPhone-like yet compatible with most smartphones and tablets and has support for menus, forms, lists, image galleries and more.

Also, there are built-in extensions for caching, getting system information, HTML5 videos or theme switching.

iUI is well-documented and has tutorials to get you started easily.