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Jo is an open source mobile application framework that is based on HTML5 .

It enables you to create for multiple platforms like webOS, iOS, Android, Symbian, Safari, Chrome and Dashboard Widgets.

Jo JavaScript Mobile Framework

The framework is small in size, ~8kb, without any dependencies and compatible with many other JS frameworks.

Jo is also compatible with PhoneGap and makes possible to create native apps besides web apps.

It is very well-documented and has sample codes on every level.

elRTE is an open source and feature-rich WYSIWYG editor that is built using jQuery UI.

It performs all standard functions of an editor and has all the extras like undo-redo, advanced table management, creating a custom HTML element with a custom style + inserting it quickly and more.


The interface is controlled via a single CSS file and can be customized pretty easily.

It has a built-in "save" button which can be attached to a JS function that saves the content that is pretty useful for helping users not to lose their content.

elRTE can be integrated with any file manager, however, there is elFinder, a file manager that has ready-to-use integration (can be used standalone too).

Similar to the popular disposible chat websites (check 7 Free Disposable Chat Systems For Instant Communication), Anologue is an impressive one which is open source.

It works by simply clicking on a "new room" link and the application instantly creates a chat room with a unique URL where you can invite others.

Anologue Disposible Chat

The application is totally Ajaxed, built with PHP and uses the Lithium Framework, CouchDB and jQuery.

And, if you don't prefer to install your own, you can still use Anologue as the hosted version is free for everyone.

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  • Nuggetz is a free CMS application for easily and quickly controlling websites where the content is not stored in a database.

    It is powered with PHP and integrates with any website design. You can simply make a section of a web page editable by calling a code like $mynugget = new nuggetz("name");.

    Nuggetz CMS

    The application works with modal boxes and, once logged in, the editable sections are displayed like the screenshot above.

    You can click to any section and edit it inside a WYSIWYG editor. The content is saved inside the files themselves (just like an HTML file).

    Show Slow is an open source tool (and, optionally, a free web-based service) for monitoring website performance metrics over time.

    It simply collects the results from YSlow and Page Speed rankings and graphs them to show you how various changes to the website can affect the performance.

    And, it can do this regularly to help you see the improvements done within time.

    Show Slow

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  • InAppSettingsKit is an open source solution for iPhone app. developers to easily add in-app settings to iPhone applications.

    It offers an hybrid approach by maintaining the pane, so, user can decide where to change the settings.

    The kit can be integrated into any iPhone application easily (but may require tiny updates).

    Although the intention of InAppSettingsKit is to create a 100% imitation of the behavior, there are few more features provided like "overriding the settings file that is used in-app".


    With the latest discussions on Flash (whether it is dying or will become more powerful), here is an interesting project that Flash and HTML developers may both find useful:

    Frontal is an intuitive markup and scripting language that generates Flash and enables you to create interactive content, sites or apps. with a few lines of code.

    Frontal Code

    It can embed and work seamlessly with HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, Ajax or any other web technology and supports deep linking.

    For Flash Developers

    It definitely adds value to the development process with:

    • decreasing the development time by building more with less code
    • reviewing designs in real-time
    • creating fluid layouts
    • updating and reusing the code easier

    For HTML Developers

    It is a language that will help you build Flash (almost) without learning something new.

    Geolocation is one of the most popular subjects for today's web & there are many solutions that help geo-enabling web applications.

    YQL Geo Library is an impressive resource for geolocation as it is totally free & JavaScript-based.

    It has various powerful features like:

    • detecting the visitor’s location with the W3C geo API and with IP as a fallback
    • find geo location from text
    • find location from lat/lon pair
    • find locations in a certain web document (by URL)
    • get the location for a certain IP number

    YQL Geo Library

    The library is lightweight (4kb uncompressed) & non-complicated. It just works by calling a function like:

      alert( + ',' + +  
            ' (' + + ',' +
          + ')'

    will get you the city, country, latitude & longitude of any given IP.

    Simile Widgets is a set of open source web widgets for visualizing data & content.

    They are actually a spin-off from the Simile Project & improved over time by a community of open-source developers.

    Currently, it includes 4 widgets:


    Simile Timeline

    Timeline is for creating an interactive display of events within a timeframe.

    It can be dragged or controlled with the mouse wheel & events can be clicked to see the details.


    Simile Timeplot

    Timeplot is a DHTML widget for plotting time series easily.

    On mouse-overs, it can display the values interactively (it works with the same data format that Timeline supports).


    Simile Runway

    Runway is a Flash-based implementation of the popular iTunes-like coverflow.

    The colors, fonts, reflection & transit,in values can be configured easily. Also, it can fire events to update the web page's Javascript.


    It is for creating web pages with advanced text search and filtering functionalities, with interactive maps, timelines, & other visualizations.

    You can find more details on a previously published WRD post on Exhibit.

    EZ-CSS is a lightweight (only 1kb) CSS framework for easily creating table-less layouts.

    The framework enables you to create multiple columns of any width, with or without gutters of any width.

    EZ-CSS Framework

    EZ-CSS is very flexible:

    • each module or layout contains a width-less container which prevents rounding issues or rounding errors.
    • it creates self-clearing containers which means every box will contain floats.

    As EZ-CSS has a very small footprint, it can be fully inserted into any stylesheet or a style element which would make it compatible with every other CSS framework too.

    Uptime Robot