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Archive for the ‘BSD License’ Category

Sypex Dumper is an open source web application for creating instant or automated backups of MySQL databases.

It is built with PHP, has an Ajaxed interface & can restore databases as well.

The application can work with gb-level huge databases as it easily bypasses the timeout limits of PHP by pausing/starting backup jobs.

Sypex Dumper

Sypex Dumper can optionally check, optimize & repair tables or automatically delete older backups to save space.

It has support for file compression (Gzip and Bzip2) & offers a multilingual interface.

WebApp.Net is a feature-rich JavaScript framework for building mobile web applications.

It provides a complete set of components (switch buttons, radio groups, etc.) that will help your website look & behave like a native mobile application.


The framework has full support for Ajax & every action from clicks to form submissions can be Ajaxed with tiny declarations.

Other features of WebApp.Net:

  • native fullscreen for iPhone & iPod Touch
  • custom events
  • advanced styling for components
  • progressive loading (objects will be loaded only when they are needed)
  • animated PNGs
  • & more..

The framework is still in beta but it is promising. A detailed documentation helps understanding it better & the demo shows its capabilities.

JQuery Roundabout is an impressive plugin that converts HTML elements into highly-customizable & interactive turntable-like (and more) interfaces.

By default, it works with ordered/un-ordered lists but with a little configuration it can convert any nested HTML structure.

jQuery Roundabout Plugin

The plugin has a bunch of options for maximum customization like:

  • optional starting element
  • speed of the animations
  • opacity & scale of objects
  • ability to trigger animations from any element
  • disabling clicks
  • & more..

With the help of a complimentary plugin, named Roundabout Shapes, it is possible create too many different types of interfaces.

jQuery Roundabout can have have various uses from displaying images to creating form interfaces, animations, etc.

CSScaffold is a PHP-powered CSS framework which will improve the development time by extending the CSS language.

A great thing about the framework is, "it is written exactly like CSS", so, no need to learn a new syntax.


How it works?

CSScaffold sits in your CSS directory, & uses .htaccess files to automatically pass any CSS file through itself first for processing/caching which all happens in the background.

Some Features:

Like mentioned, CSScaffold improves the language itself. This happens by making the usage of:

  • constants
  • mixins
  • nested Selectors
  • expressions
  • caching and gzipping


It has a plugin architecture which makes adding new features possible & easier.

JoobsBox is an open source job board application which is built with PHP (Zend Framework) & MySQL.

No membership is required to add new job listings & they can be posted under pre-defined categories.

It comes with a plugin system which makes it possible to extend the application easily. There are already several plugins like iPhone plugin or the Twitter plugin (auto-posts the listings to Twitter).


The application offers an admin panel where all the categories, listings, plugins & other variables can be controlled.

JoobsBox is multilingual & themeable. The project is currently in alpha stage, not mature but promising.

Open Atrium is an open source web application for creating an intranet where co-workers/teams can collaborate easily.

It is built on the Drupal framework & has modules like:

  • blogs for each group
  • event calendar which can import feeds from iCal & others
  • documents, to store, collaborate & see revisions
  • Twitter-like shoutbox for sharing any info
  • case tracker which is a complete ticketing system to manage projects & assign tasks
  • group dashboard to see what’s going on

Open Atrium

Open Atrium can be extended with new features by creating new modules.

The application is multilingual & requires PHP & MySQL to run (like Drupal).

Elastic is a simple CSS framework which eases creating elastic, fixed and liquid layouts with any column variations.

Using Elastic is like having a conversation with the code as it uses a declarative language.

Elastic CSS Framework

It supports "combining classes" which helps creating almost any type of layout. And, it comes with a set of helper classes, to accomplish hard things by pure CSS like: same-height, full-width, and vertical-center.

Another nice feature is: both absolute & relative positioning can be used as no overlfow:hidden & clearfix are used.

InfoVis is an open source JavaScript data visualization toolkit offering multiple ways to present data using the canvas tag.

It is feeded with data in JSON format & some of the ready to use visualizations are:

  • treemaps
  • radial layouts
  • bar charths, pie charts & more…

InfoVis JavaScript Visualization

Besides a static presentations, InfoVis supports interactive animations which can be fired by any event (like mouseovers, clicks).

It has various methods to add/remove/update nodes & manipulate every aspect of the outputs.

The toolkit doesn’t depend on a JavaScript framework, can be used with any of them & easily updated for adding new features to it.

Jutda Helpdesk is an easy-to-use & open source trouble ticket system that is built with Django.

Whether the tickets are sent via the web interface or e-mail, the application can create the ticket & users can reply to e-mails to continue the conversation (e-mail piping).

Open Source Trouble Ticket Script

It can be enabled to accept tickets from non-registered users which also makes it possible to be used as an advanced contact form.

Tickets can be separated into departments, product-groups, or any other classifications. Also, they can be escalated automatically between users by priority.

The application supports multiple RSS feeds & has an API for integration with 3rd party products.

P.S. Jutda Helpdesk is currently in alpha status yet very promising.

Wrapper is a cross-browser HTML/CSS rendering engine written in ActionScript that sits on top of your standards compliant HTML page.

It simply wraps a HTML/CSS content & displays it within Flash without any need to compile.

Flash HTML Wrapper

A serious advantage Wrapper offers is eliminating cross-browser issues. And any content that is Flashed is available to search engines as the code is still pure HTML.

The engine also has built in methods within CSS to load custom fonts, display elements as any shape, and fill them with linear or radial gradient background colors.

For a standard website demo, click here & for a WordPress demo, click here (don’t forget to check the sources of both pages).

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