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We usually expect an icon set to have 100s of items and be complete with all the major elements.

However, sometimes, smaller sets can be handy too.. just like Coucou Icons.

Coucou Icons

The icon set consists of 64 free items which are fun, without a specific-focus but all crafted beautifully.

They are available in .PSD, .AI, .EPS, + .PNG files and free to use in personal and commercial projects.

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  • Gratisography is a website that features high quality photos for free.

    It is definitely not a stock photo site, there is a small number of photos but new ones are added regularly.

    They are captured by Ryan McGuire and can be used for both personal + commercial projects.


    Freepik, a search engine for vectors, photos and illustrations has created an exclusive free vector icon set for WRD readers.

    It is named Computer Icons and includes 150 vector computer and computer-related items.

    The set comes in .JPG + .SVG formats and it is totally free to be used in personal or commercial projects (re-distribution not allowed).

    Vector Computer Icons Read the rest of this entry »

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  • RainLoop is a free and open source PHP webmail application for anyone willing to use a single interface for many accounts.

    The application has a modern user interface and supports both SMTP + IMAP.

    It doesn’t require a database as the e-mails are not stored by the app. The mail server is accessed directly and RainLoop simply displays the e-mails there.

    Free PHP Webmail - RainLoop

    Multiple accounts are supported and each inbox can be viewed in different tabs with no session conflicts.

    RainLoop is capable of handling all major webmail functions and other handy features exist too (like Dropbox/Facebook/Twitter/Google integration, auto-completion of addresses or keyboard shortcuts).

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  • Caching and compression of every kb served has a huge effect on site performance.

    Image Cache is a lightweight PHP class that compresses, moves, and caches the image in the user’s browser.

    PHP Image Cache

    After that, it returns the new source of the image to be printed in an image tag which results in a serious gain on load time.

    The class works by simply setting options like the directory, the base URL, etc. and calling a compress function for each image.

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  • Tridiv is a free-to-use web application for creating 3D CSS shapes pretty easily.

    Using the app, we can insert 4 different shapes (cuboid, pyramid, cylinder, prism) and resize or rotate them.

    The editor interface displays all views (side, front, top) at the same time and it is possible to use any number of shapes.


    Each shape can be styled (color, opacity, background image) and previewing the work is only a single-click away.

    Once completed, Tridiv generates the HTML-CSS code and a “save button” can store it on localStorage.

    For a good looking typography, the number of characters in a line is pretty important. And, this is difficult to automate only with CSS media-queries.

    FlowType.JS is a jQuery plugin which can auto-resize the font-size and line-height (according to the width of the element wrapping it) so that our content is displayed just as we prefer.


    The plugin has options for setting the min/max font-sizes and min/max widths where the resizing will be triggered.

    It also works fine with webfonts and a nice demo shows how it works (just resize the browser for the demo page).

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  • High-quality images help a lot when creating good-looking and attractive projects.

    There are lots of them in stock-photo companies and it is hard to find any free ones.

    Unsplash is a very simple website that regularly adds 10 new hi-res photos each 10 days to its list.

    Photos are totally free to use personally or commercially and, a newsletter exists to notify once new images are added.


    HTML5 Up! is a website that creates and shares very good-looking and free HTML5-CSS3 templates.

    All the templates have responsive layouts (down to mobile) (uses Skel.js) and they are compatible with all major browsers.

    There are already 10+ templates where new ones are added within time and they can be used freely under the CCA license for both personal or commercial projects.

    Free HTML5 Templates by HTML5 Up1

    There are various jQuery plugins for filtering and sorting elements where the most popular ones are Isotope and Quicksand.

    MixItUp is another great plugin to handle such tasks that deserves to be bookmarked.

    While jQuery part decides which elements to show or hide, CSS3 transitions are used for animating them.

    jQuery Filtering Plugin - MixItUp

    The plugin plays nice with responsive + fluid layouts it is lightweight and works pretty fast.

    There are many options for customization: effects, easing, their speed, etc. and it is very well-documented.

    Uptime Robot