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For anyone working with multiple clients, the sharing of files (screenshot of a design, documents, etc.) can be difficult, specially if they are large in size.

cFTP is an open source and multi-user PHP application that  enables you to create a repository to send/receive files with multiple clients.

Each client/user is limited to see the files uploaded for them which also works as a history of "sent" files.


For images, it displays the thumbnails for a better recognition.

The application has a simple and good-looking interface and can be installed with a web-based installer.

It can be localized in means of date-time format, timezone and language.

And also, cFTP can be branded by simply uploading a logo.

Sudo Slider is a feature-rich jQuery slider plugin that can display any HTML content with various presentation methods.

It is based on the Easy Slider and works by transforming the items in an unordered-list.

The plugin can load the items via Ajax and display them with slide or fade effects.

Sudo Slider

You can use multiple sliders in one page and it has support for forward-back browsing (every item can be bookmarked).

It is possible to set the slider to auto-create slide numbers, show prev-next buttons and/or make it work by simply firing an event (like clicking a link, submitting a form, etc.).

The plugin is small in size (~10kb) and unobtrusive.

BBYIDX is an open source application, written with Ruby, for collecting ideas of users on specific subjects.

Actually, it is built and supported by Best Buy and also the basis behind the Best Buy IdeaX.

It enables users to post, tag, comment and vote on ideas which is a great way of mixing your community with the development flow.


Besides single ideas, categories (currents) can be created to collect a set of ideas about a specific subject.

Admins can moderate incoming ideas and comments as well as assign work-flow to certain ideas for further exploration.

The application comes with a read-write API for reaching it via a 3rd party application.

If you're building a website without a CMS but still want to enable users to comment to the content, Commentics can be handy.

It is a free PHP comments script, using MySQL for storing data, that can be integrated into any website and comes with many features.

Commentics - PHP Comments Script

The script has various security features like captcha or swear/spam and anti-flooding filters.

Once a user sends a comment, they can also rate the content as well and subscribe to the future comments via e-mail or RSS.

A slick admin panel helps configuring the system from taking backups to viewing online users or statistics.

TeamLab is a collaboration platform that is built with enterprises in mind but fits to any small-to-bigger teams too.

The platform enables users to create teams, manage projects with setting milestones and creating tasks which can be assigned per user.

It comes as 2 versions:

  • hosted (and free)
  • open source, to download on your infrastructure (and free)


By simply scheduling tasks and with the help of e-mail notifications, it is hard to miss a deadline and you always stay informed about the overall of a project.

Using a built-in IM, it is possible to communicate each other. Also, integrated blogging, forum and wiki capabilities makes sharing of information very easy.

TeamLab can also help the members of a team to keep up with the support for managing events, news, polls, photos and bookmarks.