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It is surprising to experience that JavaScript lacks of functions which are regularly required in most scenarios.

Think of "looping a string", "if a variable includes given characters" or "capitalizing letters".

Unless you use a JavaScript framework, these will require having custom functions (JS frameworks lack some of such functions as well which makes sense to keep libraries small).


String.js is a JavaScript library that brings such extra string functions with a tiny footprint (<2kb gzipped).

It is standalone and has a jQuery-like syntax with chaining support.

There are 25+ functions where each of them can find a use in any JavaScript-heavy projects. Simply, a must-bookmark.

JSGL is a JavaScript graphics library for drawing and moving vector shapes with ease.

The library enables us to create and transform objects (using SVG/VML) dynamically.

There are built-in elements like line, circle, ellipse, polygon, etc. and support for stroking and/or filling them with many customization options.

Demos provided (PathFinder and NeuralNet) give us a strong opinion on the capabilities of the library.

JSGL - JavaScript Graphics

In the beginning of the web 2.0 trend, tag clouds were one of the most popular items of web design. And, they were (and still are) very useful in helping readers to easily locate the most-used tags.

Afterwards, the Flash-powered animated tag canvas came and it conquered many websites. The Flash -kinda- died, HTML5 is now everywhere and the animated tag cloud is still here for the new web built without Flash.


TagCanvas is an HTML5 canvas powered and animated tag cloud that has both standalone and jQuery plugin versions.

It has support for text +images and can be shaped as a sphere, hcylinder or vcylinder.

The resource has so many settings for maximum customization and works even in IE (thanks to ExplorerCanvas).

Zebra_Image is an open source and lightweight image manipulation library built with PHP.

The library is object-oriented, requires only the PHP GD2 extension and supports resize, crop, rotate and flip operations.

It works with .JPG, .GIF + .PNG formats and can convert one format to another after each action (transparency is preserved as well).

Zebra_Image - PHP Image Manipulation Library

For the most-used function, image resizing, there are various methods offered for a smart resize like "keeping the aspect ratio", "resizing with prioritizing width or height" and "resizing by cropping".

It is also possible to define the quality of .JPG outputs.

Ace is an open source, standalone and web-based code editor that focuses on providing a similar or better experience with desktop-based ones.

It is actually developed for the well-known Cloud9 IDE and can be integrated into any web page easily.

Ace Editor

The editor's syntax highlighting works with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JSON, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, etc..

There is support for auto indent/outdent, completely customizable key bindings ad theming.

Users can perform search/replace operations with regular expressions besides the standard method, toggle between soft tabs + real tabs and much more.