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Kivy is an open source library for creating applications that work in multiple platforms using the same source code.

The library focuses on innovative user interfaces, like multi-touch apps, and can natively use most inputs protocols + devices like WM_Touch, WM_Pen, Mac OS X Trackpad and Magic Mouse, Mtdev, Linux Kernel HID, TUIO. There is also a multi-touch mouse simulator included.


It is built with Cython (C extensions for Python) and, in order to create apps, Python knowledge is required.

The platforms currently supported are Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and Android.

Kivy has functions to handle animation, caching, gestures, drawing and much more. There are also many built-in user interface elements like button, camera, grid, slider or tree view.

JSColor is a simple and very easy-to-implement JavaScript library that transforms any given input into a color picker.

The picker is a hidden layer, doesn't use any pop-ups and can be positioned on any side of the input field.


It has 2 modes; HSV (hue saturation, value) or HVS, can be set to display a default color on initial load and its look can be customized.

There are functions provided for showing/hiding the color picker and it can generate RGB or HSV values from a HEX input.

Building good-looking HTML forms which work well in every browser and applying client+server-side validation usually takes a serious development time.

Zebra_Form, a free PHP library, handles this process very well and enables us to create secure and chic forms with a few lines of PHP code.

The output can be generated either with the ready-to-use styles (with valid HTML) or with any new/custom ones.


An integrated cross-site scripting prevention mechanism removes any possible malicious code submitted. It also helps preventing automated spam submissions.

The client-side validation is handled with jQuery, alerts are displayed inside tooltips and many validation types can be used (like "required, e-mail, length, etc.").

Besides standard input types, Zebra_Form supports Ajax-like file uploads, date-time pickers and captchas.

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  • When creating a web application, if no CMS is used, creating a back-end for managing the system is usually required.

    PHPDevShell is a modular, plugin-based "code management system and framework" that offers a ready-to-use administration interface which can be extended with your own codes.


    It provides most of the popular features that an application requires like:

    • user registration and management (with roles, groups an access rights)
    • presenting system settings
    • cronjob management
    • navigation
    • plugins
    • templates
    • and much more..

    The project aims not to interfere with your system, rather, follows a simplistic approach to integrate with it.

    PHPDevShell has many other features like a built-in mailing list manager and the ability to view logs for every action.

    SVGGraph is an object-oriented PHP library for creating simple and interactive charts with SVG.

    There are multiple chart types supported like (3D) bar, line, (3D) pie and scatter where every chart has its own PHP class in a seperate file. So, you can use only the features you need.

    SVG Graph

    Charts can be customized in many ways including the title, description, paddings, colors, labels and much more.

    Every new release has only support for PHP5 but a pretty old, PHP4 compatible version is still offered.

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