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obedit is a Flash rich text editor that uses PHP for saving, loading and other server related features.

Flash HTML Editor

It has most of the text editing features like:

  • bold, italic,underline
  • justification, block indents,
  • text color,
  • font and size selection,
  • links, bullets,
  • background color,
  • and spell checking.

openWYSIWYG is a free cross-browser WYSIWYG editor that’s shipped with most of the rich-text editing features you need.

This editor works as a textarea replacement with a single line of code. It can be used with any programming language as it is coded entirely in JavaScript.

Free WYSIWYG Editor

Some features of this free HTML editor:

  • Loads very fast
  • HTML source code editing
  • Create lists, italic, bold or similar HTML properties
  • Insert images
  • Enhanced table creation
  • Dropdowns with formatting preview

Image processing is needed in almost every web application like creating watermarks, uploading & resizing avatars, cropping them & similar tasks.

Asido is a feature-rich image processing class for PHP that fits to any environment like GD2, Magick Wand and Image Magick. It supports both PHP4 & PHP5 (newer versions support only PHP5).

An example of adding a watermark to an image:

PHP Image Watermark

And the code:

$i1 = asido::image(
asido::watermark($i1, 'put-the-watermark-image-here.png');

It is really simple and clear.

Asido can:

  • resize
  • watermark
  • rotate
  • copy
  • crop
  • grayscale
  • convert

images with ease. To develop faster, Asido is worth a try.

Few posts ago, we had mentioned SoundManager (WRD post link), a JavaScript API for controlling Flash sounds.

MooSound is a very similar API for MooTools (thanks to Ruslan for suggesting the resource).

MooSound Flash Sound API

MooSound’s poweful features let you reach almost every aspect of the flash sounds like:

  • start, stop, pause
  • ID3 information
  • Filesize
  • Loaded Bytes
  • Duration
  • Position
  • Setting the volume
  • Setting the pan
  • Jump to feature

API is very well documented and a demo can be found at the homepage.

For the projects that you don’t already have form controls, wForms is an open source unobtrusive JavaScript form controls library that you’ll find very useful.

Form Assembly

It includes input validation, tooltips, field synchronization controls and more.

How to use wForms?

It is pretty easy. After inserting the javaScript library to your pages you can control the field attributes with classes like:

<input type="text" ... class="required"/>

inserts the a required field control for this input.

Paging with navigation is also another nice control which makes multi-step forms easy to handle.

Crystal Clear is a high quality & free icon set.

This icon set includes nearly every icon an application may need as it contains 1300+ icons.

Free Quality Icons

Set comes with sizes: 16*16, 22*22, 24*24, 32*32, 48*48, 64*64 and 128*128 in PNG format.

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  • TYPOlight is one of the most attractive open source content management systems I have seen.

    Built with PHP5, TYPOlight uses MySQL for storing the data. Besides the powerful features, this CMS application is very well documented and has an active users community.

    As a feature spotlight, XHTML output, form generator and being able to manage multiple websites under 1 system are really nice.

    Open Source PHP CMS

    Features of TYPOlight

    • Live update feature
    • Uses Ajax technology
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Accessible XHTML strict output
    • Versioning and undo management
    • Accessible administration area
    • Front end output 100% template based
    • Automatic e-mail encryption (spam protection)
    • Powerful permission system (user management)
    • Newsletter management
    • Form generator
    • Multi-language support (character set UTF-8)
    • Generates search engine friendly URLs
    • Web 2.0 support (e.g. lightbox)
    • Advanced search and sorting options
    • Multiple back end languages and back end themes
    • Supports multiple websites in one tree
    • Supports GZip compression
    • Print articles as PDF

    MooMonth, is a JavaScript calendar application built with Mootools which is highly configurable an customizable.

    With an attractive interface the calendar application has features like:

    • Day, week, month, *year, and zoom views.
    • Smooth view transitions.

    JavaScript Calendar Application

    MooMonth has a powerful function set to be used in creating a feature-rich calendar application.

    Although the application is still in alpha it is already very promising.

    Smoot is a tool, developed with xajax and Pear::DB for creating diagrams of icons and links between them.

    Features include Google Maps and Google Earth integration, configurable tool palettes, and automated palette generation from a Google local query.

    Ajax Diagram Library

    Smoot builds relations between objects with mouse clicks and the result can be stored easily. This nice tool can be a starting or an inspiration point for many projects like "online heritage services", "online diagram services" and much more.

    Datetime Toolbocks is a JavaScript library with advanced date parsing that generates date data from the text passed. A simple example would be "today", "next friday", or "last monday".

    This smart date parsing JavaScript library also has a DHTML based date selector which makes the library vey functional for users who would prefer text or visual input selection.

    Smart Date Input

    DateTime Toolbocks currently supports Ruby on Rails as the development platform.

    Uptime Robot