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Google Analytics, the most popular and free analytics tool around, has already an API to pull data from.

OOcharts, a free service, adds a layer between you and the GA API to simplify and improve the requests you make.

First of all, a JS library allows you to get any data with a visualization using the Google Charts.


OOcharts also helps you stay within the limits of Google Analytics API by queuing and the requests.

And, a caching feature makes sure you get the results of similar requests much faster.

An update in typography of design projects can quickly change the look & feel of it and there can always be better looking fonts.

TypeWonder is a free-to-use web application for testing a website with different fonts in real-time.

We simply enter the URL of the website, select the font from a list of free fonts (currently, only Google Fonts) and the site is presented with the new font.


It is also possible to browse the site afterwards with the new font and the sub-pages will use this font too.

For the future, what would be great is to define different fonts for different elements, classes and IDs.

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  • Smileys are used widely in communication apps and design elements as they ease delivering emotions.

    Simple Smileys is a free set of smiley icons that are mono-colored and, like the name states, simple (yet very clear and beautiful).

    There are 45+ items where new ones are added within time, they are sized 15*15px (some of them have a bigger height) and come in .PNG format.

    Simple Smileys

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  • We have icons as images, fonts and here is an inspiring gallery of icons with only HTML-CSS.

    One Div is an inspiring set and showcase of icons that are created with a single <div> element and with the help of creative CSS3 rules.

    One Div

    There are 55+ icons, new ones are added from time-to-time and it is possible to click the source codes with a click or download them.

    The icon set may not be the perfect fit for everyday use but it is a very nice source of inspiration.

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  • Google Web Fonts is no doubt the most popular free web-fonts service out there.

    Adobe has launched an alternative named Adobe Edge Web Fonts where the fonts are served through Typekit.

    The service includes the open source fonts in Google Web Fonts and some more.

    Adobe Edge Web Fonts

    Its usage is pretty straightforward, select the font and you get a .JS file to be included in your web pages. After that, use it as any other font-family in your CSS rules.

    Currently, there are ~500 font-families and a documentation exists for details on the usage.