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Today’s Timetable is a lightweight script (5kb uncompressed) which enables you to create good-looking timetables with ease.

Events can be scrolled & they are added with a basic function like: Monday.addEvent("French", 8, 1.3);.

JavaScript Timetable

The html it generates is W3C valid.

Any HTML can be embedded into each event created and a function can be assigned to them.

P.S. The script does not require any JS frameworks. is presenting free W3C validation icons that are used to show that the website validates with the related guidelines.

W3C Validation Icons

There are 2 download packages offered:

  • Basic package: 20 GIF / PNG  icons in #505050 color
  • Dev package: Full editable PSD pack

P.S. If you’re planning to create your own icons using the PSD pack, here are the W3C guidelines for the icons.

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  • This is an animated accordion built with JavaScript.

    It is a lightweight script (1.3kb) which does not require any JS framework to run.

    Note: It is an improved version of this script from the same author.

    Animated Accordion Script

    This JavaScript accordion can be easily customized via CSS.

    It supports multiple instances & works in all major browsers.

    Easy Reflections, a PHP script that enables you to create reflections (Web 2.0 look) of any image.

    Supported image types are GIF, JPG & PNG.

    PHP Image Reflection Script

    There is a built-in caching mechanism to prevent creating same images again & again.

    And, fade levels used can be configured.

    The script works with both PHP4 & PHP5 and requires GD extension 2.0.1+ installed.

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  • Optimizing images is a "must" when serving them over the net for faster browsing experiences, lower bandwidth & diskspace usage.

    Smush-it is a free online service for compressing your images by offering different techniques than Photoshop, Fireworks, etc. & creates non-quality-loss output.


    It offers several ways for easier usage:

    • Web based uploader that supports unlimited file uploads & optimized images can be downloaded as a .zip file. Images can be uploaded from URLs too.
    • Firefox plugin & a bookmarklet for 1-click optimizing for the images exists on that webpage.
    • WordPress plugin for automated usage for the uploaded images.

    Anyone, who wants to get more bytes out of their images, should take a look at Smush-it.