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Check My Colours is a free-to-use web application for analyzing the color contrasts used on a web page.

It checks the foreground and background color combinations of all DOM elements and lets us to know if they have enough contrast when viewed by someone having color deficits.

Check My Colours

Once a URL is submitted, it lists all the elements + their contrast levels and marks any problematic elements. Also, it allows us to play with their colors online to find the right color.

P.S. The tests ran are based on the algorithms suggested by W3C

Bert Appward of Google Chrome Developer Relations team has just released an online "Field Guide to Web Applications".

It aims to guide web developers to create great web apps and discusses topics like the properties of web apps, design fundamentals, tips for creating awesome experiences and some case studies with best practices.

Field Guide to Web Applications

The guide is so easy-to-read, includes so many useful tips and real-world examples/links for them.

Website of the guide is also built around the principles mentioned, comes in a HTML5 canvas-powered flipping page interface which is responsive, works offline and includes many CSS3 tricks to provide a rich visual experience.

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  • Metro Icon Pack is a set of slick icons whose designs are inspired from the Windows 7 Phone (code named Metro).

    The set includes 33 unique icons with 4 different variations (white, black and with/without circles).

    Items are all action icons, comes as .PNG and they are free to be used in both personal or commercial projects.

    Windows7 Icons

    Zocial is a semantic set of CSS buttons (no images used) that are beautified with @font-face icons.

    There are buttons for 40+ services including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, PayPal, LinkedIn and much more.

    Each button can be displayed with or without text (only icons) and the HTML element wrapping them can be anything (which is nice for flexibility).

    Zocial CSS Icons

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  • Desktop users are experienced enough to know how they can interact with a website, use shortcuts and get the most out of the browser.

    For touch-enabled interfaces, things are different. There is a new question: "which gestures are supported by the app/website?".

    Cue is a free (public domain) gestural icon system that aims to build a standard visual language of touch-based interactions.

    Cue - Gesture Icons

    There are icons for actions like swipe, drap, touch, tap and hold, spread and more.

    Each icon comes in a labeled and unlabeled version and the set is in .PNG, .SVG Omnigraffle Stencil and InDesign formats.