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Transitions in CSS3 brings many possibilities on animating and morphing HTML elements.

Lea Verou is sharing a beautiful experiment and resource –Animatable– that showcases different CSS transitions (and how simple they are).

Each transition is applied to a box where you can activate by hovering them (or run the transitions for all items).

You can also click the items to easily see the "from" and "to" values of CSS properties changed.


Fluid Baseline Grid System is a starting point armed with various resources to be a starting point for creating HTML5-CSS3-powered websites.

It is built with typographic standards in mind with combining principals of fluid-column layouts, baseline grids and mobile-first responsive design into a resolution independent and device agnostic framework.

Fluid Baseline Grid System

The kit is packed with CSS normalization (while correcting bugs, fixing common browser inconsistencies and improving usability) and includes jQuery, HTML5 Shiv + Respond.js.

It enforces a lightweight, and non-obtrusive code which can be edited easily for every project. By default, it is based on a 3-column folding layout, 1 column for mobile devices, 2 columns for tablets and 3 columns for desktops and beyond.

Viget Inspire, "an inspiring blog which discusses web design standards, trends and techniques", has an experiment on the uses of CSS3 box shadows.

The article shares 39 original uses of "box shadows" and it is a great showcase of what can be accomplished with this CSS3 property.

In order to create the effects, some examples have multiple box shadows and make use of other CSS properties like :before/:after, transition, webkit-keyframes, text-shadow and background-image: gradient.

39 Box Shadows

Normalize.css is a set of CSS rules for forcing HTML elements to render more consistently across all browsers.

Compared to CSS resets, it doesn't reset all elements but leave the useful defaults and fixes various bugs.


The CSS file includes rules for a wide range of elements including the ones for HTML5 and well-documented (inline).

The developer mentions that Normalize.css shouldn't be an insert-and-forget resource, rather, it should be used as a customisable starting point on any project..

ProCSSor is a free web service for formatting and prettifying CSS files on the fly.

It can grab a CSS file by simply copy-pasting, uploading or mentioning the URL directly.

The service has many options to create an output that you'll feel ok with like "brace styles", right/left columns" or "indent properties".


At WRD, the previous tweet button for sharing stories was the cool Easy Retweet Button by John Resig. However, it was not perfect as, sometimes, it was unable to communicate with the URL shortener service and the tweet links were appearing buggy.

In search for a better one, I tested few others including the official tweet button. They were loading the links ok but had other issues like "loading slow", "blocking pages on load", etc.

And, for a button that is clicked by -maybe- 1/100 of the visitors, loading the scripts and making requests for every visitor didn't look like the smartest choice.

Here is another method, that is actually used at WRD now which loads very fast for everyone and almost fault-proof.

Faster Tweet Button

Demo Faster Tweet Button Download

How it works?

First of all, the button is hosted locally and it does not make any requests until it is clicked.

  • A link with the querystring that includes URL and the title of the web page is created, pointed to a server-side file (to be presented later in this article) and attached to any custom button we design.
  • Once clicked, it sends the URL and title to the server-side file which creates the tweet link and redirects to Twitter with the tweet.

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As CSS3 is being used more everyday and there are already ways to CSS3-enable incompatible browsers, if not already, it is time to check what it offers.

Impressive Webs, a blog on web design, is featuring CSS3 Click Chart which enables us to easily find out the new CSS properties with examples.

By clicking to the "?" besides every example, you can see the codes used to create them, the description of the property and browsers supporting it.

CSS3 Click Chart

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  • Faary is a free web-based form builder that enables designing forms by simply defining them as text.

    In order to better define how it works, an entry like:

    • header,        Sign-up to Newsletter
    • text,             *Your E-mail,email
    • submit,        Send it!

    will end up in a newsletter form with the title: "Sign-up to Newsletter ", an e-mail input which is required and a submit button.

    Faary Form Builder

    The application supports every input type, client-side JavaScript validation and headers/sub-headers.

    Once the details for the form is set, the output can be previewed and downloaded as a .zip file.

    The Grid Accordion is an advanced accordion navigation that is built with jQuery.

    It  works similar to most other accordions, only one cell is open at a time and handy for displaying detailed information about the items inside a grid.

    The big thing is that the column of the current open cell expands to a reasonable reading width.

    The accordion also makes use of CSS3 pseudo class selector :nth-of-type for styling the columns (which you can add extra class names to support non-CSS3-enabled browsers).

    There is a beautiful demo provided which you can play with.

    Grid Accordion

    Every web designer and developer probably have bad memories with Internet Explorer. And this is mostly because the browser compiling (or used to do so) CSS properties differently compared to the standards. is a website which helps us to better understand the reasons behind this incompatibility.

    It shares a chart of user agent style sheets (CSS styles that are applied by default) for the major versions of Internet Explorer; IE6, IE7, IE8, and IE9 Platform Preview.

    The chart includes values for almost every CSS property and they can be downloaded per browser.


    Uptime Robot