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There are many slideshow plugins for JavaScript frameworks that makes displaying multiple images possible. However, sometimes, only a few lines of code can be what you're searching for.

Jonathan Snook published a post that describes making the "Simplest jQuery Slideshow" (demo).

The script simply converts an element that wraps any number of images into a slideshow.

City View

After that, Thomas Fuchs, the author of the, has also created one using Prototype & Scripty (demo).

They are both very useful for anyone who doesn't look for anything complicated or searching a base to improve it further.

CSS-Tricks, inspired from the succesful invoicing application Freshbooks, is sharing an editable/printable HTML invoice template.

The template uses textarea elements for the parts that display data which would make further improvements easier (like posting the form).

HTML Invoice Template

This invoice template can be useful for freelancers who send their own invoices or applications that send an invoice after a purchase.

There are also few other free HTML invoice templates you may want to check:

AEXT.NET, a blog focused on web design & development, is presenting a very detailed tutorial on creating bubbles effect (like Apple Dock) with CSS.

The tutorial includes two methods: CSS sprites (basic) & the image swapping (advanced) which will be generating the same visual output.

CSS Bubble Effect

The effect is very functional specially for list items where items are small in size & the user may have difficulty in pressing the desired one.

It is accomplished with pure CSS (can be improved further with JavaScript for a smoother effect) & compatible with all major browsers.

Pavel Macek, a talented graphic designer, is sharing a free Android GUI PSD file for creating mock-ups easier.

It is based on the Android 1.5 & consists of a phone illustration, basic elements & screens.

Android GUI PSD

The complete set has an one file preview for seeing what you'll get before downloading.

P.S. Android presents a detailed information about Android GUI design guidelines that can be very helpful while creating applications for the platform.

Concept Feedback is a free-to-use web application for getting feedback from a professional community about designs, concepts we created.

The feedback points are collected under several categories like design, purpose, engagement & originality. Also, you can read the written feedbacks of the community & discuss with them.

Concept Feedback

It works so simple:

  • become a member (free)
  • upload your design (website,advertisement, logo, etc.)
  • receive the fedback from the community
  • improve your design, get feedbacks again & compare with the previous one

And, as a member of the community, you can send feedbacks to the works of other users.

Simply-Buttons v2 is a technique to create good-looking & cross-browser buttons that is inspired from:

CSS Buttons

The buttons are created with pure CSS and, optionally, improved with JavaScript (code is provided).

They fit to any text & come with 3 states: inactive, active and hover.

P.S. Their compatibility is tested on IE6 IE7 FF(PC/MAC) Safari SafariMobile Opera(PC/MAC).

Pluralink is a tiny JavaScript library for displaying multiple links inside one link.

Rather than mentioning all your links one-by-one, a major link will be displaying all the options when clicked.


Usage is pretty simple:

<a href="||" title="First link description||Second link description">Some pluralink</a>

is all to do after inserting the JS file into our webpages.

The cons are:

  • not unobtrusive (if the JS is off, the links won't be working)
  • no RSS support (Pluralink team says "they are working on it")

The library also comes as a WordPress plugin for easier integration.

Gaya Design is featuring a very nice tutorial (with source) on creating an image slider with a progress bar.

The slider uses the powerful jQuery Cycle plugin (see WRD post) which can rotate images with various effects.

Image Slider With Progress Bar

The progress bar is created automatically to reflect the number of images that wi,ll be displayed.

Besides the look & feel of the slider, variables like speed of the slideshow & transitions can be set too.

Here are several examples provided to better findout how it functions.

Photo Booth is a tiny open source Flash application that can capture images from a webcam.

The script is built with AS3 + PHP5 and can be instantly implemented to any website.

It can be a great add-on when asking users to upload an avatar or creating a web application around photos.

To see how it works, a demo can be found here.

Photo Booth

FireQuery is a Firefox add-on that extends Firebug with new jQuery-focused features.

It adds extra functions to the HTML tab like showing embedded data elements & event handlers inserted using jQuery.


All the jQuery expressions are presented in Firebug Console + DOM inspector and elements in jQuery collections are highlighted on hover.

Also, the jQueryify bookmarklet is integrated into FireQuery which makes injecting jQuery into any website possible.

Uptime Robot