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iOS7 has slick, flat and circular switches that are used for select box-like elements that has two options.

Switchery is a JavaScript library, that doesn’t require any JS ¬†frameworks, that can convert select boxes into such interfaces.

The style of the switches can be customized easily, they support the “disabled” state and the effect speed can be changed as well.


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  • Summernote is a simple, clean and flexible¬†WYSIWYG Editor that is built on top of jQuery and Bootstrap.

    It supports Bootstrap’s both active versions (2 and 3) and has keyboard shortcuts for all major tasks.

    Summernote WYSIWYG Editor

    There is a powerful API which provides lots of customization options in means of design (width, height, active items..) and functionality.

    The project also has integration samples for major scripting languages or frameworks (PHP, Ruby, Django, Nodejs).

    The loading indicators that are mostly used in Ajaxed interfaces are shifting from images to HTML-elements for max. flexibility.

    SpinKit is a free pack of these loaders that are built with HTML and CSS.

    There are currently 8 of them, all are good-looking and, although their CSS styles are presented in a link, the HTML structure can be found in the source.

    CSS Loaders

    It is usually not easy to present “menus that are few levels deep” in a user-friendly way. And, that’s specially hard for cross-platform layouts.

    Multi-Level Push Menu is a jQuery plugin that provides a very good solution to such menus.

    Multi-Level Menu jQuery

    It has support for unlimited levels, works cross browser/platform and makes things much easier for touch devices with swipe gestures.

    The menu can be set to next from left-to-right or right-to-left and all works with a simple markup (unordered lists).

    When developing with Xcode and Objective-C, it is usually hard and time-consuming to create animations.

    Canvas is a project that makes adding good-looking animations easy for iOS apps.

    Canvas For iOS

    With almost no coding, effects like fade, zoom in/out, slide, bounce, pop, shake and more are available for use.

    The project is not only about animations but currently comes with a “custom font” component and plans to add ones like parallax, sticky headers and various others.