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It is very normal to expect shapes used in websites to be created as images.

However, with the wider use of CSS3 and its capabilities, we regularly see rounded corners, rotation or any other shape to be built with CSS.


Here is one of those resources, a lovely GUI icon set where every item is pure CSS.

The set has 84 items including full set of user interaction and media player control icons besides some other common ons.

The designer of the resource, Nicolas Gallagher, mentions that the work is experimental and not production-ready but it is still very promising.

PGRFileManager is an open source PHP file manager application with a totally Ajaxed interface.

It makes adding, moving, renaming and deleting single or multiple files and/or folders possible. Also they can be moved with drag 'n' drops.


The application can create thumbnails of images and rotate them with a click. For text files, they can be edited with CKEditor.

There is also a context menu on every level for applying actions quickly.

PGRFileManager can integrate easily into the popular FCKEditor and CKEditor which will work for the image/file insert/upload menus.

Snippet is a jQuery plugin that is built on top of the SHJS script for highlighting source codes in HTML documents.

It supports many scripting languages from JavaScript to SQL and PHP to Ruby.

jQuery Syntax Highlighter

There are 39 built-in and unique color schemes that you can switch in-between dynamically.

The plugin works in all popular browsers and support for languages other than the ready-to-use ones can be found here.

Choco-Slider is a lightweight (~7kb) and flexible jQuery image slider plugin with good-looking effects.

It requires a set of images wrapped with an element (like a div) and uses the alt tags to display information about the slides.

Choco Slider jQuery Plugin

The plugin has various customization options including the dimensions, auto-slide on/off, delays between transitions, prev-next controls on/off and much more.

Choco-Slider has 3 custom animation types and it works with all popular browsers (including IE6).

Zepto.js is a lightweight (2kb) JavaScript framework for mobile WebKit browsers, with a jQuery-compatible syntax.

It aims to help overcoming the most drudge work with a nice API so users can concentrate on getting things done.


Besides the most common functions that can be expected from a JS framework, it has support for touch events and detection of the environment.

Zepto.js is currently in early beta but still very promising.

Creating a project with Rails is usually pretty quick with the features it offers, however, the first repetitive steps can be time-consuming.

RailsWizard is a free and open source web application that helps you rapidly customize and build Rails application templates.


It asks you to choose your database and ORM, unit and integration testing framework, JavaScript framework, authentication system and more.

Once the options are selected, it generates a unique command URL that needs to be run with the Rails application generator.

PowerTools is a set of MooTools plugins that are created by Christoph Pojer (MooTools Core Developer).

There are 20+ plugins provided where each of them can be downloaded one-by-one or you can select the ones needed and get a package.

MooTools PowerTools

The plugins include touch, mouse, swipe, click event replacements for mobile browsers, auto-grow for forms, history support for Ajax apps and much more.

Every item is well documented and linked to their repositories for the downloads and comes with demos.

FEM CSS Framework is a 960px width, 12 column grid system with common styles to enable you developing web layouts quickly.

It works pretty similar to and offers a fixed width.

Besides the grid, the framework comes with CSS rules for styling text, forms, tables and menus.

FEM CSS Framework

There is also a stylesheet for adding backgrounds to boxes easily using the Grey Box method.

Once all the modules are compressed, it weights ~10kb and FEM is compatible with all major browsers.

Almost every web developer has an experience on trying to use cross-domain JavaScript: like Ajaxy uploading files to another domain or interfering the contents of another domain via iframes.

But, the "same origin policy", which is actually a security concept for browsers only permits scripts running on pages originating from the same site.


easyXDM is a Javascript library that enables developers to easily work around this limitation.

It makes use of iframes and automatically selects the best technique according to the browser used.

The library is lightweight, doesn't depend on any JS frameworks and well-documented.

jQuery project has just published the expected jQuery Mobile; the touch-optimized web framework for smartphones & tablets.

It is built on top of jQuery and provides a unified user interface system that'll perform the same in all popular mobile device platforms.

The framework is built around the principle of progressive enhancement and uses the HTML5 and CSS3 features but degrades nicely for browsers that don't support them.

jQuery Mobile

Currently, there are various components offered like pages-dialogs, toolbars, buttons, content formatting, form elements and list views.

jQuery Mobile also comes with a powerful theming structure and it is app-cabaple which means it will work with real-apps besides mobile-web-apps.

It is currently in alpha release but still very promising and works in major mobile browsers.

Uptime Robot