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Moovie is a free MooTools custom controls library for the HTML5 video element.

It includes all the features of a player: play, pause, stop, a volume control which mimics the Youtube's control and progress bar.

Moovie - MooTools HTML5 Video Player

On initial load and when the video is paused, the player displays a "big play button" and a replay button at the end of the file.

Moovie has playlist (for multiple videos) and captions support. And, with the help of a settings panel, it is possible to enable or disable various options such as looping, captions and auto-hiding of controls bar.

P.S. The download can be currently found within the source of the demo.

xcolor is a jQuery plugin which allows you to perform many different manipulations on colors.

First of all, it can parse and convert colors between different formats with methods like getRGB(), getHSV() or getHEX().

Another powerful feature is extracting or combining colors (like red + blue would result in purple).

xcolor jQuery Plugin

Also, it can generate complementary colors, lighten/darken them, find analogous/monochromatic colors of an item and much more.

The plugin comes with other functions where the most interesting one is: isReadable which performs a readability test for a text on a given background.

Tip: To perform the same actions on the server-side, the author also has a PHP class with very similar features.

Bowline is an open source framework (not a platform like Adobe AIR or Titanium) for creating desktop applications with Ruby, HTML and JavaScript.

It respects MVC, views can be designed in HTML5/CSS3 and then you can bind them to your Ruby models.

There's no request/response cycle. Any changes in models automatically get reflected in the view.

Applications built with Bowline currently works in Mac OS X + Linux and Windows support is on the way.

Bowline - Ruby Desktop Applications

Validity is a powerful and flexible jQuery form validation for making sure -on the client-side- that form values are just as expected.

It is lightweight (9kb) and can perform simple to complex, dynamic and conditional validations.

The plugin also gives full control over how validation messages will appear which makes it possible to match the look and feel of your site.

jQuery Validity

There are various ready-to-use rules for e-mail, date, number, URL, time, phone, zip, etc.

And, there are lots of logical operators like: lessThanOrEqualTo, maxLength, nonHtml, sumMax and more to create any custom rules.

HumbleFinance is an HTML5 data visualization tool that looks and functions similar to the Flash chart in Google Finance.

It makes use of the Prototype and Flotr libraries and is not limited to displaying financial data but any two 2d data sets which share an axis.

HumbleFinance Chart

The data needs to be stored in JavaScript variables and requires 3 parameters to be set before running the function to create the chart.

It is possible to manually select a part of the data (with a slider-like interface) and zoom to that part. This is a very useful function when working with large datasets,

jMediaelement is a jQuery HTML audio-video development kit with can fallback to Flash and VLC for incompatible browsers.

It makes creating a media element so easy by just calling a function and also controlling it on every level (play-pause-mute, getting the duration, etc.).


The player is totally CSS stylable from the frame to the images of the controls.

jMediaElement supports all major file formats including; ogg (theora/vorbis), mp4/mov (h.264), WebM (VP8/vorbis), flv, Youtube videos and more.

Dragdealer JS is a free JavaScript component for easily creating interfaces that support dragging (like a slider).

It is a standalone script that also works in touch-enabled mobile devices.

Dragdealer JS

The script is pretty flexible with options like:

  • working horizontally or vertically
  • defining the initial positions of the slider (x/y)
  • setting the number of steps for the slider
  • snapping to the steps
  • and much more.

Dragdelaer JS has callbacks on both release and move events which makes any type of interactions possible.

jTweetsAnywhere is a jQuery Twitter widget for easily integrating tweets into any website.

It supports Twitter's @Anywhere features and can display:

  • tweets from one or more user's feeds
  • tweets from a user's list
  • results of a Twitter search


The widget automatically detects URLs, #hashtags, @usernames and link them accordingly (shows Hovercards when hovering @username or profile images).

It also adds a tweetbox to your website where users can tweet instantly and adds a "connect with Twitter" button so visitors can follow you without leaving the website.

jTweetsAnywhere comes with many options for a maximum customization and lets you to enable/disable the tweetbox + follow buttons, set the number of tweets to be displayed and more.

Sexy.js is a lightweight (<1kb compressed) JavaScript library that provides enhanced sequential Ajax (Sajax) functionality.

Sequential Ajax is an Ajax pattern for handling multiple asynchronous requests while maintaining proper callback execution order.

The library is chainable, enables you to manage script dependencies and write prettier code.


It comes in 2 versions: standalone or as a jQuery plugin.

There is a slideshow on Sexy.js that provides the cons and pros of it in details:

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Compass Datagrid is a jQuery plugin for displaying data within an Ajaxed datagrid.

It simply takes an empty table and sends requests to a server-side script via Ajax. The script provides JSON encoded data for the plugin to update the table.

Compass Datagrid

The datagrid supports pagination with prev-next + first-last buttons and a listbox to select a specific page where the number of items per page can be set.

It is also possible to sort columns, hide any of them and refresh the data with a click.

The plugin can work with any scripting language (a PHP one comes with the download).

Uptime Robot