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FlareVideo is an open source and free HTML5 video player that falls back to Flash for incompatible browsers.

The player can be customized easily using CSS-HTML and JS with its theming support (and already ships with 3 themes: default, spotify and Vimeo).

FlareVideo - HTML5 Video Player

It is built on jQuery + jQuery UI and supports:

  • fullscreen
  • autoplay
  • custom keyboard shortcuts
  • preloading – autobuffering
  • and more..
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  • AeroWindow is a jQuery plugin for creating Windows 7-like aero style pop-ups.

    The pop-ups not only look like a native Windows element but also behave similarly as well with the minimize, zoom, maximize and close functions.

    There can be multiple pop-ups in one page where the active one is highlighted visually.

    AeroWindow jQuery Plugin

    All can be resized, drag'n dropped or maximized with double-clicks, all like Windows.

    AeroWindow has various options like defining:

    • window titles
    • start positions (x-y or centered)
    • standard and minimum sizes
    • getting the status of an open window
    • applying animations on windows

    The plugin is pretty awesome specially for anyone who wants to build an OS-like web interface.

    Cloud Zoom is a lightweight (6kb) jQuery image zoom plugin that comes with impressive features.

    The plugin is unobtrusive and displays the zoomed version of the images:

    • near the thumbnail image
    • inside the thumbnail image (inner zoom)

    when hovered.

    jQuery Cloud Zoom Plugin

    It works in a "gallery mode" by default which automatically display a list images, shows the clicked one and can zoom to that image. This is very useful specially for product showcases (like in e-commerce websites).

    The smoothness of the zoom effect, tint over the thumbnail or lens opacity can be totally customized and the plugin can be styled via CSS.

    Video JS is a JavaScript-based HTML5 video player that falls back to Flowplayer for unsupported browsers .

    The player supports H.264, Theora OGG and the new Google-powered WebM formats.

    It is lightweight, doesn't use any images and can be totally skinned with CSS.

    Also, it does not depend on any JavaScript frameworks, has support for fullscreen and volume controls.

    Video JS

    Nivo Zoom is a Lightbox-like but simpler image zooming jQuery plugin from the developers of the popular Nivo Slider.

    The plugin is lightweight (4kb compressed), focused only on images and comes with a bunch of settings.

    Nivo Zoom

    It supports 5 different zoom types and can show image captions (long texts are handled well).

    Nivo Zoom, by default, doesn't use overlays but can display the bigger image with an overlay where the opacity and colors of it can be customized.

    JsChat is an open source chat script that is built with Ruby (Sinatra), uses a simple protocol based on JSON and comes as a server/client application.

    It is similar to IRC but simpler and has very useful features like:

    • IRC-like commands: /names, /name new_name (/nick works too), /clear, /lastlog
    • auto-linking: pasting an image displays it inline, Youtube and Vimeo videos will appear as well
    • last messages are displayed when logged in


    Users can "login to" or create multiple chatrooms (and they will be saved when logged out).

    And, optionally, users can authenticate with their Twitter profiles.

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  • Pajinate is a jQuery plugin that can auto-generate a paginated navigation for list items or any other areas of content.

    The plugin is specially handy when working with long lists in a limited space (but still require a quick navigation).

    The pagination menu generated has the first-last, prev-next and the page numbers and the text for them can be customized.

    jQuery Pajinate

    It is also possible to set the:

    • items per page
    • number of page links to be displayed
    • start page on load

    To mention, using a browser-side paging is, almost always, quicker compared to the server-side one unless there is a reasonable number of items to be displayed. Else, implementing a server-side pagination will save you both the performance and bandwidth.

    CwVideo is a toolkit for using and controlling HTML5 video with MooTools.

    By simply providing an id to the video tag and calling a function, every property of the video can be reached in a MooTools way.

    It supports the methods play, pause, top, rewind, move, volume, getNetworkState and more.


    Also, there are 2 custom extensions built with the Fx.Slider:

    • timeline
    • volume slider

    that offers a good looking and user-friendly experience.

    Rhodes is an open source framework for building native applications for all major smartphone operating systems: iPhone, Windows Mobile, RIM, Symbian and Android using Ruby as the development language.

    It has access to native device capabilities such as GPS geolocation, PIM contact reading/writing and camera image capture.

    Rhodes Smartphone Development Framework

    Development process can be called as "easier" with Rhodes as most of your UI customization can be done in HTML templates.

    There are integrated styling libraries for matching the look and feel of native applications (ex: for iPhone, it is based on iUI and jQTouch can be used as well).

    Flip! is a jQuery plugin that enables you to flip any HTML, text or jQuery element beautifully.

    It is possible to set the direction of the effect, right-to-left, up-to-down or vice versa of both, the content to be displayed after the flip and the background of it.

    Also, optionally, you can define the speed of the animation and use the callback functions: onBefore, onAnimation and onEnd.

    P.S. Tutorialzine shares a very nice tutorial using the plugin.

    jQuery Flip Plugin

    Uptime Robot