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Hakim El Hattab (, a very talented developer and programmer, has created a set of very nice scrolling effects.

The effects are all CSS-only and a simple JavaScript function helps attaching/removing classes to elements.

CSS Scroll Effects

Currently, there are 10+ effects and, as expected, they are WebKit + Firefox-only but degrade nicely on incompatible browsers.

P.S. You should also check the experiments page of to see various other exciting stuff.

jPages is a client-side pagination script (a jQuery plugin) with features like keyboard + scroll navigation, auto page turn, delayed display and a customizable navigation panel.

Any number of pagination elements can be inserted into the same page and they can be positioned with ease.

jPages - jQuery Pagination Plugin

The plugin detects the number of items in a given list and auto-creates the navigation.

Callbacks exist to get the current page, total number of pages, number of items, etc. and it is possible to intervene the page number to be displayed using an API method.

P.S. There is an optional integration with the popular scripts Animate.css and Lazy Load for a more attractive and faster pagination experience

LionBars is a jQuery plugin for creating OSX-style, custom scrollbars for any web page.

The scrollbars created looks the same in all browsers under each OS and they don't hurt the usability by not shrinking the content or with the auto-hide option.

It has support for endless scrolling (check related WRD tutorial) and can fire functions when the scrollbar reaches to the end.


Tych Panel is a free and open source Adobe Photoshop extension for automating the process of placing pictures side by side with pre-defined sizes.

It simplifies creating diptychs, triptychs, quadtychs and almost any type of custom layouts.

Tych Panel

There is support for "Smart Objects" and, when enabled, all layers are converted to "Smart Objects" and get the appropriate layer masks.

The extension also comes with various other options like the ability to run actions, adding a background color to compositions and more.

WebPutty is an application that enables us to write CSS code with an online, feature-rich, syntax-highlighted editor and see the changes in real-time with a side-by-side preview panel.

The CSS file is hosted by the service so that any changes made are instantly reflected to the live website. And, you can host any number of CSS files under a single account.


It also supports SCSS and Compass which is great for anyone willing to make use of advanced styling features.

WebPutty was a free hosted service and it is now open sourced so that anyone can create their own instances and edit/manage CSS files of multiple projects from a single location.