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As a designer/developer, I am addicted to high quality resources that ease what I do.

And, since 6 years, WebResourcesDepot was all about that; those beautiful, mostly free and useful resources.

The website became a huge repository of selected goodies which I hope helped and will help many designers/developers (besides me).

Many of you already know that I am also part of another project, Uptime Robot, and it is really hard to be productive with working on multiple projects.

With the new year, I’ll be working full-time on Uptime Robot and WRD now has a new owner, Brad Wayland of the inspiring

Considering his expertise on content, I already know that WRD can only become better.

To keep this short, I want to thank everyone who has been a part of WRD (reader, contributor, advertiser) in all these years. I have learned a lot from it and very happy with the experience.

Wishing everyone a great new year. Bests. Umut.

Fred Wilson, an investor who is known with his good decisions (early investor for Twitter, SoundCloud and Kickstarter) has made an interesting speech at LeWeb.

It was about the types of start-ups he was interested in investing and want to share some of them as it was inspiring as well.

He started with saying that he is not interested in technologies but more in trends and prefer to invest in trends.

These 3 trends were the ones that he saw growing:

Removal of bureaucratic hierarchies

The need for speed when it comes to reaching information is clearly the heaviest trend.

The examples he provided were Twitter (replacing old media), Airbnb (replacing hotels) and Kickstarter (replacing production companies).

Simply, anything that removes the middleman in any service (or at least minimizes the number of them).


This can actually be summarized as focusing to niche markets.

The traditional business usually tries to sell all the things it can (like a bank selling loans, cards, accepting deposits, insurance..).

However, he thinks that the user now prefers to get products/services that are specially focused on that and want to get the best as a result (an example was Netflix).

People being the network

With the increasing smartphone usage, we are all part of an active network.

And, he attaches the success of apps like Uber or Tinder to that effect.


These 3 trends are the filters of Fred Wilson and think that they are worth considering when launching a start-up.

Here is his speech (it is worth the time):

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  • LeWeb, one of the oldest (10th year) and largest conference for web entrepreneurs and startups is starting tomorrow in Paris.

    There is an exciting line up of speakers and sessions and the 3-day-event will be held around the motto “The Next 10 Years“.

    LeWeb Paris

    It’ll definitely be inspiring (which I think the conferences are usually all about) to listen Guy Kawasaki, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Fadell, Jesse Richman and others.

    There will also be a start-up competition running parallel to the conference where winners will be set the last day and it’l be interesting to experience the process.

    I was planning to go to LeWeb Paris 2013 since months, had applied to their official bloggers program, accepted and actually writing this post from the airport, my way to Paris.

    LeWeb Paris Speakers

    Like mentioned, there are lots of sessions and I’m specially excited about the ones with the founders of Parse, Uber, Nest, and also crypto-currency discussion.

    You will probably see some more posts this week about LeWeb at WRD as I plan to share the exciting stuff.

    Also, If you will be there, don’t forget to say “hello” : ).

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  • When working as a distributed team or meeting remotely with clients, video chat is used frequently. is a free and web-based app that provides group video chat for up to 8 people.

    The application doesn’t require sign-up, a room with a unique link can be created instantly and shared with others.

    It is built with native web technologies, no download is needed and works on all browsers except IE.

    There is also an API which may simplify integrating it to the project management cycle with ease.

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  • We probably all experience the easy-to-use style-guides of front-end frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation.

    Such guides help a lot when it comes to reaching the “how-to” quickly and they are a common source of information to make sure that every designer consumes the code in a similar way.

    Kalei Styleguide

    Kalei Styleguide is a project that can auto-generate such (Bootstrap-like) style-guides from the “live” CSS files so it is always up-to-date.

    It works on the client-side and uses the comments in stylesheets for creating the titles + navigation.

    Simply, it is a less-effort, almost instant generator that enables us to get organized with our stylesheets.

    Loader/spinner icons are a part of almost any web project that involves ajax requests.

    Lea Verou, an inspiring web designer has recently shared a simplistic solution to create a spinner with pure CSS.

    CSS Spinner

    There are already other solutions but this one is the cleanest of them all, uses only 2 elements and not much of CSS.

    Everything is sized with ems, so it can be resized however preferred, it works on all modern browsers and has a fallback text for others.

    There are many online tools for beautifying our code and they are usually handy when working on formats like JSON or XML.

    Code Beautifier is a website which has a pack of these formatters including HTM, JSON, XML, CSS or JavaScript.

    Also, which is handier, there are converters like JSON-to-XML, XML-to-JSON, CSV-to-JSON/XML and more.

    Code Beautify

    Are you planning to sell something online or, maybe, you are already selling (an icon set, app, theme, book, etc.).

    Stand to Make is a free web-based tool that helps calculating potential earnings.

    Stand to Make

    It has a list of popular payment providers with a comparison of their fees. The app simply asks the user:

    • product price,
    • estimated sales numbers,
    • and payment provider.

    After that, it auto-calculates the daily, weekly, monthly and annual earnings (+payment fees).

    Usually, every web designer/developer works on a project where a standard web hosting account is not enough.

    This can be about the need of more system resources or the extra customization requirements like installing specific .dll files, running an alternative database server, etc.

    In case you are in a search, MediaTemple DV -a popular VPS hosting solution (with managed and developer versions)- is a very good fit for such cases.

    Media Temple DV

    Both plans are very good because they guarantee uptime, can scale from small-to-huge sizes (which is a money-saver) and have 7/24 support.

    On the other hand, they differ in “how much hands-on you prefer”.  Here are the details:

    DV Developer

    Media Temple - DV Developer

    The Developer version is perfect for anyone who wants all the control and who is experienced in working with SSH.

    You get the VPS server and manage it; system updates, back-ups, etc. MediaTemple provides a panel that offers some basic server controls and the rest is up-to-you (which is perfect for many).

    DV Managed

    Media Temple - DV Managed

    The Managed version is a very good fit for anyone looking for a VPS without the hassle of managing it.

    powerful control panel (with reseller capabilities) is provided for adding domains, e-mails, databases or install 100s of apps with a click.

    However, you still get the root-access and can apply customizations if wanted.

    Also, consider that although MediaTemple will be there for you regarding any system-related issues, don’t forget that you’ll still need to solve user/code related issues.


    MediaTemple DV provides a very solid virtual dedicated server experience, it can handle very big projects and, most importantly, there is an awesome support.

    For deep integrations, an API exists. And, the pricing is reasonable for both of the plans.

    Also, since years, MediaTemple has a very respectable name which is pretty hard to keep in the industry.

    Responsive Wireframes is a free and web-based tool for quickly creating wirefames for any project.

    It enables us to insert elements, style them (color, opacity), add text and also resize if wanted.

    Responsive Wireframes

    These elements can be re-positioned with drag ‘n drops and the work can be saved for future reuse.

    The tool is focused on responsive layouts as we can define multiple viewports and decide how each element will look on different viewports.

    This again work by positioning + resizing each element for each viewport and simplifies the sharing of “responsive ideas” a lot.

    Uptime Robot