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E-mail code validation is a painful job considering many e-mail clients/applications have a low-level HTML-CSS rendering support and many others have their own standards. Actually, it is worse than designing for the browser.

Fractal is a free-to-use web application for validating HTML-CSS code across 24 most-popular e-mail clients.

It simply works by pasting the code to the application and finding out if each line is validated, if not, why and in which e-mail clients.


Best of all, Fractal doesn't come with only the bad news but also suggests fixes.

P.S. Besides the desktop and web-based e-mail applications, it also checks the code for the mobile as well.

Gridless is a boilerplate for creating responsive and cross-browser/platform websites with beautiful typography.

It doesn't come with any grid systems, rather, the focus is on progressive enhancement and being a starting point for any project (which you can add a grid system later).

The framework has rules for CSS normalization (no CSS resets), print styles for optimized performance, an optimal caching and a well-organized folder structure that you may feel comfortable with.

Gridless works on all major browsers including IE6.


At WRD, several applications for generating CSS sprites are shared until now. With their pros and cons, all of them are easing a time-consuming process. is another web-based CSS sprite generator that offers very nice options including:

  • getting the sprite image as JPG, GIF or PNG
  • stylesheet being CSS or SASS
  • CSS-based rollover effect (with few different effects)

Also, it is possible to upload a sprite image (rather than uploading images one-by-one), select the relevant areas and get the CSS code as a result.

Bookmarklets are amazing little helpers whether you are a web designer/developer or a standard internet user. There is a handy one for everybody.

For ex, lately, I am regularly using Holmes.css as a part of my HTML debugging process, Syntaclet on dev-related articles and Readability for reading long articles.

And, there are many other useful bookmarklets out there (check out 15 Must-Have Bookmarklets For Web Designers And Developers).


Boo.kmarked is a very simple and free to use web application that converts any given JavaScript into a bookmarklet.

The application just adds the <a> tag with a function that calls your script accordingly and that's all.

P.S. There are also other alternatives like Bookmarkleter or Bookmarklet maker.

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  • When it comes to speeding up web pages and creating flexible websites, every byte and method counts.

    CSS3 Patterns Gallery, a website by Lea Verou, displays creative and good-looking patterns built with CSS3.

    The gallery has a growing list of patterns and new ones can be submitted by everyone (once they meet a set of requirements).

    CSS3 Patterns Gallery

    Such patterns, besides having a smaller size compared to images, are much more flexible in every way like the ability to change the colors, dimensions, etc.

    Considering the browser support for CSS3 and/or some of its features, using these patterns in live webites look experimental. In this case, the website is still handy for anyone to get inspired and improve their CSS3 coding skills.

    P.S. The CSS rules for each patterns can be live-edited and previewed.