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Screenpresso is a simple-yet-powerful & free screenshot tool that improves your Ctrl+Print function.

It can capture the entire screen, region or window with various options like "including the cursor", "automated resizing of them" or even "applying automated effects".


The tool sits in the system tray & allows you to keep an history of the last 100 screenshots.

It can auto-name the captured images or batch convert them (resizing & adding effects) after they are taken.

The screenshots can be drag'n dropped into any application or there are other sharing features like "send to e-mail", "send to Twitter" or "save to clipboard".

Screenpresso also has a built-in image editor that can apply image effects, insert objects (textboxes, arrows, annotations, etc.), apply resize or crop to the screenshots.

For Mac & Linux users, sadly, it only works in Windows.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit is a free tool from Microsoft for improving a website’s relevance in search results.

It simply analyzes a website & recommends how to make your new or existing site content/structure more search engine-friendly.

Microsoft SEO Toolkit

Some features of SEO Toolkit:

  • full-featured crawler engine
  • query builder interface that allows you to build custom reports
  • display of detailed information for each UR
  • ability to manage robots.txt file
  • ability to manage sitemap.xml file

It requires an IIS7 enabled computer to run which is basically Vista, Windows 7 or Server 2008. After that it can analyze any local or remote website.

P.S. Besides standard installation, SEO Toolkit can be installed easily using the Microsoft Web Platform.

Clearbox 3 is a Lightbox-like modal box script to display images, image galleries & various other contents including Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media formats, HTML, inner content, etc.

It can show multi-line text information for any content displayed. And, as a unique feature, images displayed can be rotated with a click.

Clearbox - Lightbox Clone

Clearbox supports slideshow functionality and every aspect of it can be customized from the settings of the script.

It is friendly with Ajax & can display content via Ajax calls.

Also, its interface can be presented in any language by supplying a language file.

P.S. Clearbox is free for only personal use.

libcloud is a standard client library, written in Python, to access popular cloud hosting providers.

Using cloud services without the need to learn APIs for each of them & building web applications that use multiple providers become much easier.

Common Clo─▒ud Hosting Library - libcloud

libcloud currently supports ~8 cloud hosting providers including Amazon EC2, Slicehost & Rackspace.

It would be lovely to see similar libraries built for other scripting languages which will make the lives of developer easier.

Font Squirrel, which was mentioned at WRD before, has been improved so much & presents hundreds of free fonts that can also be used in commercial projects.

Fonts listed are well-categorized with their styles & it is possible to view the most-downloaded ones that generally takes you to the most popular fonts.

Font Squirrel

The @font-face property of CSS3, which enables us to use any font in websites needs some work on fonts as every browser requires different formats:

  • Original TrueType or OpenType Fonts for Firefox 3.5 and Safari
  • EOT fonts for Internet Explorer
  • SVG fonts for Opera, iPhone & Chrome
  • WOFF fonts for Firefox 3.6+

Font Squirrel has ready-to-use @font-face kits for many popular fonts which include everything needed (and some examples). Also, it offers a @font-face generator to upload your fonts & create custom kits.

dygraphs is an open source JavaScript charting library for displaying data of time series.

It can show values on mouseover that makes discovering the values easier & zooms any selected area.

Zoomable JavaScript Charts

The data can be called from a CSV file or mentioned in the code staticly (in CSV format).

The library can handle fractions intelligently & supports error bands around data series.

It works in all major browsers (IE requires excanvas) & it is compatible with the Google Visualization API.

Design With FontsDingbats, the ornamental characters in typesetting, can be very useful objects in design as they are similar to shape or icon sets which come as fonts.

They are highly compatible as they work in every image editor & can be resized or styled easily.

Also, with the @font-face property of CSS3, where it becomes possible to use any font in webpages, it is pretty sure that dingbats will find a new usage area for themselves.

Here are 30 quality, useful & free dingbats to improve your fonts library:

Pie Chart Font

Pie Chart Dingbats


Flame Dingbats

Dingbatz Formz DSG

Shape Dingbats

WC Rhesus A Bta

Scatter Dingbats

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  • When we hear about a Flash CMS, there is mostly a prejudice that it may not be that functional.

    FlashMoto CMS is a totally different one which is quite impressive & really works for managing Flash-based websites.

    With the help of a good-looking & easy-to-use interface, a website is controlled just like a standard CMS but with the extras that Flash offers.

    FlashMoto Logo

    What does it offer in a snapshot?

    Using FlashMoto CMS, it is possible to:

    • add unlimited number of pages, update or delete them
    • manage your website menu (with sub-menus)
    • create image galleries & add-remove images to them
    • create forms
    • upload videos & music
    • insert shapes or other Flash files

    The content is created using a WYSIWYG editor. There is a media library where you can upload images, video or SWF files & use them in any part of the website with a few clicks.

    FlashMoto Admin Panel

    It has a built-in gallery component for displaying a list of images and/or videos. This feature is specially useful for designers, photographers or anyone willing to present a portfolio.

    Adding a standalone background music or embedding videos from popular services like Youtube, Vimeo is also a breeze.

    Similar to HTML websites, websites created with FlashMoto CMS are indexable by search engines & every page has their own URLs + titles.

    It also allows you to define the Google Analytics details & statistics of the website will be tracked (every page will tracked even it is a Flash website).

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    StylePix is a free image editing software, an alternative for Photoshop or Fireworks, with numerous advanced features.

    It has an intuitive user interface where all the controls can be selected easily.

    Hornil StylePix

    The software works with layers & offers multi-layer/group editing support.

    Some features of StylePix are:

    • various selection types (auto-range, color-range & rectangular, circular, polygonal, lasso area selection)
    • batch processing
    • 30 different filters
    • thumbnail, histogram & waveform view for current image
    • & more..

    StylePix works on Windows OS & consumes very few system resources, even the installer is ~800kb, which makes it an ideal solution for less-powerful computers or running from portable devices (a portable version exists).

    Mollify is an open source web-based file manager, built with PHP & GWT, that can control files hosted in a web server or hosting account.

    It has a simple, intuitive & Ajaxed interface that also supports multiple languages.

    PHP File Manager: Mollify

    The application is multi-user (users & user-groups) where a file-level access can be set.

    File actions & directory actions can be completed quickly from context popup menus. It is also possible to download files/folders in zipped format.

    Mollify can upload multiple files at once & enables to list the contents with sortable columns.

    A unique feature offered is the ability to define aliases for folders in order to hide the real folder structure for security purposes.

    The interface is totally customizable with CSS. Also, integration of the application with other products is possible as the frontend & backends are independent (they communicate with HTTP/JSON).

    Uptime Robot