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Detect Mobile Browser is an open source project for easily understanding whether a visitor of a website is using a mobile browser or not.

It provides codes in several scripting languages (PHP,Rails, ASP, JSP, Coldfusion, .htaccess & JavaScript) that can detect the browser.

Detect Mobile Browser

The website also has a simple forwarding function which you can create a link like:|

and the user will be redirected to "" or "" depending on the browser type used.

Today, e-mails are one of the most important parts of a web application as the app. may need to:

  • connect to the user's e-mail addresses,
  • send large volumes of e-mails,
  • detect if the e-mails sent are bounced back or not,
  • & much more that are vital for the application to function correctly

MailBee.NET Objects is a set of powerful & flexible .NET components for accomplishing any e-mail related task easily.

There are 6 components provided: SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Security, AntiSpam & Outlook where each of them can be bought seperately or as a bundle with serious discounts (upto 66%).

MailBee.NET Objects

What are the components?


It is the component for composing & sending e-mails with just a line of code.

E-mails can be sent with/without (can perform DNS MX lookups) a relay server & it supports every authentication type.

SMTP component can also send bulk mail + do mail merge over database, track accepted/refused recipients & much more.


It downloads mail from POP3 servers, parses them & prepares for display.

If wanted, the component can download only the headers & get "already downloaded messages" (great for broken connections).

It also has support for secure TLS/SSL connections out-of-box (supports Gmail, etc.) which is generally a headache without such a component.


It is the POP3 component + download/manage folders, search, flag, upload, move, copy messages, download message envelopes or any specific parts or attributes of messages, etc.


This is for enabling MailBee.NET objects to communicate with TLS/SSL enabled mail servers & use S/MIME for e-mail encryption.

It can sign e-mails with a digital signature, DomainKeys and/or DKIM signature.


Using the AntiSpam component, it is possible to analyze messages using the Bayesian filters, return a spam score & take action (if necessary).

The best part is, it offers an auto-learning feature that will help keeping the spam database up-to-date.


It simply makes converting e-mails from .MSG format into .EML format & vice versa possible with a single line of code.


To sum up, MailBee.NET Objects offer every feature that can be expected from e-mail components. And, they go few steps further & enable processing server-side tasks like DNS MX lookups or antispam.

Also, the components are very well documented with samples & supported by a professional company + an active community.

P.S. This post is a sponsored review.

USVN is an open source PHP application that enables us to reach Subversion repositories from a web interface.

It has a permission-based users/groups administration for defining the access levels of users to the repositories.

User-Friendly SVN

New repositories can be created, browsed & files can be displayed easily (code highlighting is supported).

The application requires PHP 5 & Apache server to run.

It is sometimes a scene, a color or just a thought. Designers can get inspired from anything.

letterPLAYGROUND is a community-driven resource for inspiration where users design letters how they wish.

Letter Inspiration

In the website, a "p" can be a portrait of a girl or "w", the claw of a bird, totally up to the imagination of users.

With a free membership, anyone can upload their work, comment to other letters or create a favorites list.

Letters can be browsed easily & it is possible to see the most faved letters or choosing a specific letter & seeing its variations.

Desktop IconFor a web application, It is always a good idea to provide access to it from other platforms like mobile or desktop programs.

As web designers/developers, desktop applications are harder to create considering they have a totally different environment.

In order to fill this gap, we can make use of site-specific browsers which enable us to lock a website inside an application-looking browser that can interact with the system tray/dock & display notifications.

Some usage examples for site-specific browsers:

  • displaying new orders, support tickets for an e-commerce website
  • showing system tray alerts when a new visitor visits your website
  • or even locking your whole application inside a site-specific browser and offering it as a desktop application.

To sum up, they simply help us convert a website into a desktop application. Here are free & mature tools for creating site-specific browsers:

Mozilla Prism (Win-Mac)

Mozilla Prism Site-Specific Browser

Prism is a very easy-to-customize tool that supports Windows & Mac.

Applications created can be:

  • minimized to system tray/dock & a navigation can be added there
  • set to display status messages & popups in the system tray/dock

Prism apps. will be running seperately from the browser & will stay alive even if the browser isn't.

P.S. You can also read a more detailed post about Prism at WRD.

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dynaTrace AJAX Edition is a free tool for diagnosing & preventing Ajax performance issues.

The tool runs on IE & measures the performance of your AJAX application as real users are feeling it.

dynaTrace Ajax

It traces & analyzes AJAX calls through their entire round trip (DOM event, JavaScript, HTTP request, avaScript callback) and displays network traffic, CPU load, execution times & more.

dynaTrace AJAX also records every session for future offline analysis.

Image Editor IconsOnline image editors have evolved so much in the last few years & became very mature + functional for designers at every level.

They generally offer a similar interface with the popular image editing softwares which lowers the learning curve so much.

Almost all of them are Flash-based (no extra installations -like plugins- are required) & load/work very fast.

Why To Use Them?

You may be asking yourself why to use a web-based one when there is a powerful image editing software installed on your computer like Photoshop, Fireworks, GIMP, etc.?


There is no need to have a software other than a browser to run such applications. Also designs created with them can be saved instantly online.

This function is specially handy for anyone working at different locations/computers.

The Price Factor

Most popular image editing softwares, except GIMP, are generally not cheap & every new version requires a new license.

Online image editing platforms are free or come with cheap subscription plans.

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Browser Sandbox is an online platform which makes launching various browser versions possible.

It requires an installation of a plugin & can run:

  • IE6-7-8
  • Firefox 2-3-3.5
  • Apple Safari 3-4
  • Opera 9-10
  • Google Chrome

Browser Sandbox

The platform is definitely a gold mine for making cross-browser tests quickly & easily.

P.S. Spoon allows you to convert your own apps to Spoon apps & post them on the web. You can check the platform's homepage for that.

OurTuts is presenting a good looking & free "coming soon" template with few built-in tricks.

It informs users with a count-down display (uses jQuery countdown) about when the website will be launched.

Free Coming Soon Template

The template has a slider in the bottom to display any other information (social network links & a newsletter entry is used by default).

It is built with valid XHTML/CSS, works in all major browsers & comes with the .PSD source file for future editing.

Chat IconThere are various ways that most users prefer while communicating via internet. IMs (MSN Messenger, Skype..), social networks (Facebook, Twitter..) & others.

However, there are some situations where all the audience may not have the necessary tools to communicate at the same platforms like a user not having Skype installed or not having a Twitter account.

This is where the disposable chat systems become handy. Whether you will be talking with a client, a teammate or a friend, just a standards compliant browser & an internet connection will be enough.

Here are 7 easy to use & free disposable chat systems (text or video) for an instant communication:



TinyChat is probably the most popular disposable chat application.

It has support for both video & text where both works very nice.

There is also an API to automatically create rooms which is great for integrating it with 3rd party products.



The application offers a quick group chat with a unique feature: it can translate the content from 45 different languages instantly which makes the communication of x number of users not speaking each other's language possible.

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