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AMPPS is a software for quickly installing Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl and Python and creating a web server environment.

What differentiates it from other similar solutions is the built-in Softaculous package which makes 1 click installations of popular web apps possible.


There is a huge list of installable apps (250+) including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, phpBB and much more.

Using the AMPPS panel, the server resources can be configured and all the installations can be managed.

It has versions for Windows + Mac OS X and also installs phpMyAdmin + SQLite manager for controlling databases.

Flow Slider is a jQuery image slider plugin which reminds us the once-popular Flash sliders that respond to mouse interactions.

It works by converting an unordered list into a slider and can be browsed by hovering to the right or left side of it.

The plugin can be completely customized in means of design and functionality. There are options for transition type and speed, acceleration, starting position and much more.

Flow Slider

jQuery Geo is a plugin for the popular framework that provides an easy-to-use API for map/geolocation related actions.

The plugin uses the open source map servers like Open Street Map, WMS and Esri ArcGIS (Open Street Map by default) for pulling the map data and can:

  • show mapping data and handle direct user interaction with the map
  • use geospatial functions like calculating bounding boxes, measuring the distance between geometries, etc.

jQuery Geo

The maps created are mobile-friendly and have lots of built-in methods for customization.

jQuery Geo is very well-documented and supported with a bunch of examples.

In parallel with the popularity of videos on web, HTML5 video is already being used widely. And, for sound, HTML5 audio is gaining ground for sure.

AreWePlayingYet? is an initiative and open source test suite that aims to bring more harmony into HTML5 Audio implementations.

Using the suite, anyone can easily test HTML5 audio capabilities of a browser and find out the features supported/unsupported.

It is built by SoundCloud and also enables us to quickly add new tests (if wanted).


You will remember 365psd, a lovely website –featured at WRD before– that publishes one free PSD each day.

Recently, they have released a new freebie which is an awesome set of tiny icons.

As expected, they are in PSD format, 30*30px by default and comes in a very well organized PSD file where each item is placed inside a layer group.

The set is so suitable to be used in web apps considering it has most of the commonly-used web app icons.

160 Free PSD Icons

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