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Besides the official UI library of jQuery, jQuery UI, there are several other libraries that offer a similar functionality. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

jQuery EasyUI is a complete UI library for creating simple-to-advanced interfaces very easily.

Every feature is offered as separate plugins which include drag-drop, pagination, accordion, tabs, panel, menu, form + validation, modalbox, datagrid and much more.

jQuery EasyUI

It has support for theming and comes with a default and grey theme. Also, it is multilingual, already supports multiple languages and new ones can be added quickly.

jQuery EasyUI also has various extensions like portal or an editable datagrid.

The library is very well-documented, comes with examples and updated regularly.

Although listing the contents of a directory is not a good practice for most of the websites (considering the complete structure and files will be available to the public eyes), it is an easy way to show and share files.

The default Apache directory listing/index page is not the most handsome one and h5ai is a template built specifically to improve these pages.


Its is built with HTML5 Boilerplate, jQuery + Modernizr and can be implemented with few steps: "copy folder h5ai to the web-root directory of your server and update the .htaccess file".

There is a list of options provided inside a JavaScript file and, best of all, the output can be presented in multiple languages with the strings being defined inside that JS file.

CanvasLoader is a JavaScript UI library for drawing and animating circular preloaders with HTML5 canvas.

Using a simple function, a canvas element (loader) is created inside a placeholder div and multiple instances can be created at the same page.


There are few different loader types supported and they can be customized in many ways like color, density, speed, diameter, fading, FPS and scaling. Also, functions exist for getting the values of each parameter.

Optionally, a web-based creator helps building the loader image by setting the values, previewing the output and downloading the HTML file.

WordPressThemeShock has recently released a design bundle which includes many freebies.

It is totally free to download and not offered for a limited time.

Free Design Bundle

The bundle consists of:

10 WordPress themes

The themes have many custom options like 3 different image sliders, dropdown-menus, image gallery, contact form with captcha, etc.

750 high-quality icons

The icons include the most important items to be used in web apps like actions, files, media and much more. They come in 5 different size and in .PNG + .PSD formats.

Many design elements

And, there are many other design freebies like site templates, buttons or vector elements.

With the wider use of HTML5 video and the increasing number of ready-to-use players around, it is hard to choose "which player to use".

VideoSWS is a collection and comparison of HTML5 video players which helps finding the best and/or the most suitable player for your project.

It lists all the well-known players, shows the features supported/unsupported under titles like Flash fallback, iOS compatibility, subtitles, audio, JS library required and more.

Also, it is possible to test each player (with a default video or any custom input) and read personal comments of the VideoSWS creators about them.