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Firebug is the most popular tool for analyzing HTML, CSS & JavaScript based webpages. Now, there is PHP Quick Profiler (PQP), which can be called as Firebug for PHP.

It is specially focused on analyzing the performance of PHP codes. With a beautiful interface, PQP can:

  • log memory usage
  • display the number & sizes of included files
  • show page execution times
  • log database queries

PHP Quick Profiler

PHP Quick Profiler is not a plug & play solution as every project may have a totally different structure. But, by following the setup information & the example provided, it is easy to integrate.

To see how functional it is, you can check the demo.

Grid System Generator is a website that asks for grid width, number of columns, margin-left/right & creates a fixed grid system with valid xhtml/css.

Besides the CSS framework, a .PNG background file is created as well to help in prototyping and design.

Grid System Generator

The generator is based on & displays already created grids which can be found here.

You can also find instructions on using the generator & links to resources about grid systems.

P.S. Another based grid generator can be found here.

Whether it is a university like Albertus Magnus, a company or any other organization, e-learning is a great way to spread knowledge & measure the results efficiently (in means of time & money).

There are various open source e-learning applications that can be installed easily, have a wide user community & offers a complete system. Here are 7 of them which you will like:


eFront Open Source E-Learning

eFront is a complete e-learning software with a good looking Ajaxed interface.

It enables admins to create & manage lessons easily with various tools like:

  • content editors (has a flexible visual content editor and support for pictures, sound, video, flash or java)
  • file manager & digital library (for file sharing)
  • test builders
  • abiity to assign projects
  • creating surveys & more.

The system is multilingual & modular. It requires PHP & MySQL to run.


Moodle - E-Learning

Moodle is one of the most popular open source e-learning system. It is built with PHP & uses MySQL or PostgreSQL to store data.

It has powerful course management features that covers creating lessons, assignments, quizes, documents & more.

There are various modules that help students & teachers to interact with each other like chat, forum, survey or workshop.

It is used in 1000s of websites, has a detailed documentation & a wide community.

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tabSwitch is a jQuery plugin for creating tabs & sliders very easily.

It is possible to choose from 7 different effects (fade, show, toggle..) with 2 view styles. Any type of HTML can be used & tabs can be switched as previous-next or directly into a specified one.

tabSwitch - jQuery Tab Plugin

The look of the viewport can be customized via CSS & every single tab can have its own class.

To see the simplicity of usage, here is how it is called & customized:

 $('.SlideTab').tabSwitch('create', {type: 'toggle', height: 300, width: 440}); 

And, tabSwitch can auto-display each tab/slide. More examples for the plugin can be found here.

Open Font Library is a community for finding & sharing non-proprietary typeface designs.

Fonts shared can be downloaded for free or you can upload a font you created to share with others.

Open Font Library

Although there are 10+ fonts presented in the website, this is the new face of Open Font Library where there are 150+ fonts to be transferred from the old website.

The website also hosts the fonts for free that you can include them to your webpages with @font-face rules (more details).

And, besides the free fonts, you can find information on how to design fonts, or how to earn money by designing them.

Besides colors or objects, using animals in design to express an emotion is a very common method. Just like the lion in MGM which shows the power or Twitter’s bird spreading cuteness.

Although there are lots of animal themed design resources, it is almost impossible to find an organized one. So, here is a collection of 35+ free Photoshop animal brushes, vectors & icons to use or to get inspired.


Photoshop Animal Brushes

Various Animal Brushes (20 in the set)

Photoshop Animal Brushes

Ancient-Like Animal Brushes (5 in the set)

Photoshop Ancient Animal Brushes

Animal Prints (32 brushes)

Animal Print Brushes

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For any designer with significant amount of Photoshop brushes installed, it is always a pain to navigate through the brushes & find the one you need.

ABRView is a free software that makes this process much easier. It allows you to define the folder(s) where brushes are installed & preview them.


Also, once you download a brush, although you have an opinion on how it looks, you can not be sure until installing it, running Photoshop & checking the look from the brush palette. As ABRView can display brushes from any folder, you simply save time on seeing how they look.

It has an .exe version for Windows & .jar version for Mac & Linux.

Piwigo is an open source photo gallery system built with PHP & MySQL.

It is more a photo portal software as new users can register to the system & according to their permission levels, they can add more photos, comment & more.

Photo Gallery Portal Script: Piwigo

Piwigo is very flexible in means of adding photos to the system. They can be added via pLoader (the remote client of Piwigo), mass uploading by FTP or the application can call them from any other servers transparently.

With the unlimited category-levels support, images can be organized easily. And, with the ability of tagging them, it just gets better.

A great feature is chronology. Piwigo reads EXIF data, understands when an image is taken & shows them in a chronologic order.

The application has also multilanguage support, can produce pretty URLs & an API makes integrations with any 3rd party applications possible.

OpenCart is an open source shopping cart that is built with PHP & stores the data in MySQL.

The application has every standard feature an e-commerce website may need like:

  • unlimited categories
  • multiple images for products
  • customer reviews
  • multiple currencies & more..


OpenCart‘s front & backends can be expanded with modules (there are already 30+ modules).

It has also support for:

  • templating
  • multiple payment gateways
  • multiple languages
  • various shipping methods (like weight based shipping) & more.

The system can be managed with an easy-to-use administrator panel where all the orders can be viewed, products can be defined, etc.

And, a very nice feature OpenCart offers is the "coupons" where discounts can be set on a "per product" basis.

P.S. There is also another open source e-commerce project named OpenCart Zero which is derived form OpenCart (more details can be found here.)

Wrapper is a cross-browser HTML/CSS rendering engine written in ActionScript that sits on top of your standards compliant HTML page.

It simply wraps a HTML/CSS content & displays it within Flash without any need to compile.

Flash HTML Wrapper

A serious advantage Wrapper offers is eliminating cross-browser issues. And any content that is Flashed is available to search engines as the code is still pure HTML.

The engine also has built in methods within CSS to load custom fonts, display elements as any shape, and fill them with linear or radial gradient background colors.

For a standard website demo, click here & for a WordPress demo, click here (don’t forget to check the sources of both pages).

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