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When sharing designs with teammates or customers, sending them via e-mail or other ways is usually a bad way of presenting and hard to track

WebProjector is a free web-based tool that is built just for this. We can simply upload images via drag ‘n drops, send a link via e-mail and the images are presented in the order we prefer.


The tool also notifies us when they are viewed or number of views and it can wrap our designs in mobile, tablet or desktop frames for a more realistic view.

Additionally, it is possible to get comments on each design too.

We probably all experience the easy-to-use style-guides of front-end frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation.

Such guides help a lot when it comes to reaching the “how-to” quickly and they are a common source of information to make sure that every designer consumes the code in a similar way.

Kalei Styleguide

Kalei Styleguide is a project that can auto-generate such (Bootstrap-like) style-guides from the “live” CSS files so it is always up-to-date.

It works on the client-side and uses the comments in stylesheets for creating the titles + navigation.

Simply, it is a less-effort, almost instant generator that enables us to get organized with our stylesheets.

If you have a product or service and receiving support requests regularly, using a support ticket application is a “must” to handle them nicely.

Brimir is a free and open source support ticket app that is built with Ruby on Rails and makes use of the Foundation front-end framework.


The tickets can be received via e-mail and they are auto-piped to Brimir. It is multi-user and tickets can be assigned to selected team members.

There is support for attachments, tickets can have different statuses and also priorities to categorize them easier.

Brimir is optimized for mobile devices and has various other options for customization.

When an image will be used on a web page, editing is usually performed at applications built for it (like Photoshop).

For advanced editing and cropping, that is required but for simple ones, using JavaScript can be good choice. And, that leaves the original image un-edited so we can always change the filters applied.


PhotoJShop is a jQuery plugin that enables us to apply such simple effects/filters to images.

These filters include blur, sepia, emboss, lighten, darken, b&w, sharpen and more.

The plugin works on canvas + images and the filters to be applied can be chained for easier usage.

When you think of winter-time, several recurring images pop into memory, including snow, a Christmas tree, presents, Santa Clause, and fireworks.

If your job entails working with images (as a designer, blogger, advertiser, etc), this is a rare opportunity to increase traffic to your website and attract new clients.

Any of the following 10 stock image agencies are ready to welcome you in this season.

YAY Images

YAY Images

YAY is labeled “Spotify for images”, and for a good reason. Let’s say you search for ‘winter’- based items, plain and simple. Not only does the database offer over 150.000 results in this case, but it’s never been more convenient to look for similar images to the ones that you love the most. Besides, 50% of the first month’s worth is now discounted for all three subscription plans with code “XMAS_GIFT”.

Speaking of subscriptions, YAY’s major plans are Print, Digital, and Streaming. In any instance, users benefit from an in-browser filter and editor for the images they acquire, as well as a limitless number of downloads per month.

On top of everything, the images intended for use on the web are hosted for free, so that the user doesn’t necessarily have to download and then upload everything on their blog/website. As you can see, the perks of buying images from YAY are plenty.

Digital and Streaming hold great promise because they have so much to offer in exchange for a very small price. In other words, for a monthly $49.90, subscribers to a Digital plan can take any number of images as large as 3 megapixels, to use in apps, PowerPoints and e-books.

Alternatively, Streaming delivers 700 pixels wide/high meant to be used on web pages, only for $9.90-a-month.



Mostphotos is really special, particularly around the holidays.

You see, right now it would be perfect to use images that hit as close to the target as possible, and Mostphotos has a predilection of publishing authentic and local images after they’ve been submitted by contributors who are either professional photographers, or practice photography as a hobby – and happened to have a strike of genius in an inspiring setting. In this respect, anything goes as long as it is valuable.

Make haste and take advantage of the discounts instated for “Mini 10” and “Mini 20” subscriptions: 10% off for signing 6 months, or 15% for enlisting a whole year right from the beginning.

At present, 5 and a half million stock files are at your service, not to mention that 10.000 new ones are usually included on a daily basis.

So, if you go ahead and start up a search with the keyword “winter” for instance, then 100.000 photos and vectors will greet you on the results page.

See anything you like? If you want to make sure, feel free to zoom in down to the last pixel, and check the quality before you finally buy.

Last but not least, Mostphotos lets your co-workers reap benefits, too: once you create an account, your colleagues get to set up theirs for free.



You’re going to love what Stocksy has to offer. Stocksy United is a co-operated agency, ran entirely by its photographers, and this can make quite a difference when you’re looking for top-grade images to use during the holidays.

For starters, only the best submissions are published, and everything is individually assessed according to aesthetic criteria.

Since the selection team handpicks fresh stock images, you no longer have to sort the good from the irrelevant (like you used to do with other agencies).

Stocksy is special and they know it: as far as microstock agencies go, you rarely get to meet such impressive, 100% exclusive content.

Don’t take my word for it: just check the “Holidays” and “Celebrate” categories, and you’ll get my meaning. Loads of gorgeous seasonal images are waiting to be bought, at a price starting with $10 for individual royalty-free licenses.

Check out Stocksy and you will feel like you somehow landed on the online portfolio of a professional photographer.

However, if you look at the prices, you’ll know for sure that you’ve encountered a cost-effective source of unbelievably beautiful holiday images.



Depositphotos found its way in my top ten for several good reasons.

First of all, it has 19 million superb stock files to browse through, and secondly, its users are gifted every week with one free item from the Vectors Collection.

However, it is the third reason that carries the most weight: Discount Lightboxes. Depositphotos instated a permanent practice that offers 20% discount to season-specific photos and vectors; at present, no less than 925 such images are placed in the Christmas Lightbox.
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The usage of SVG is gaining traction, thanks to its browser support, being scalable and open to manipulation.

IconMelon is a library of free SVG icons that are created by different designers.


It allows us to select items from each set and create a new set for download which makes sure we only insert the icons to be used on our web pages and end up in a smaller file size.

Also, there is an option to add effects like shadow, blur or emboss to the icons.

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  • If your work involves continuous use of creative images, then you’re probably used to searching the databases of countless stock photo agencies – one at a time – looking for that perfect royalty-free item, and pay for it via that agency’s credit system/subscription plan.

    What if I told you that there is a way to cut back on your expenses, as well as find the avidly sought-for stock files really fast?


    This is the story of Lootback, a platform that connects creative professionals to the topmost microstock agencies of the industry, and rewards its users for each and every purchase that was completed with its help.

    In other words, Lootback claims a certain commission from the partner agencies for sending in new clients, and then shares that money with the user responsible for it, fair and square.

    Every purchase entails new earnings, so it really helps your finances in the long run.

    It’s very easy to work with Lootback and get cash for doing what you normally do; only now you can search faster, and in a centralized place.

    For instance, the first step is to start a quarry, so let’s assume you jot down ‘winter’ as keyword and move forward. The results page summons all pertinent matches that exist in renowned stock agencies’ archives.

    Lootback Search

    Lootback partnered up with the most popular agencies on the market – iStock, Shutterstock, Thinkstock, Deposit Photos, and Envato’s own Graphicriver, Themeforest, and Videohive – in order to deliver flawless content at your threshold.

    You may toggle which kind of files you’re specifically looking for, as well as the source venues from whence they come.

    Scan through the results gathered from all these high-ranked agencies, and when one of them catches your fancy, feel free to click on it.

    Now, you have to create a Lootback account. It won’t take long, and you need it in order to reap the benefits later on, so give it a minute of your time.

    After registration, you’re redirected to your stock image of choice, where you will have to pay for it with the prepaid credits of the agency in question.

    So, if you don’t have an account, create one there as usual (you know the drill), and then make the purchase via credits. The process is herewith completed.

    Lootback Purchase

    In no more than 12 hours after completing a transaction, you will be sent Cash Back in your Lootback account, which will be visible in the ‘Cash Back Earnings’ section of the dashboard.

    Every time you buy an image in this manner, its designated Cash Back won’t fail to appear.

    You may cash out all your earnings with Paypal in 7 to 90 days, as the stock agencies that you bought from need to process each report – which can take very little time, or slightly more than expected. But it reaches you, nonetheless.

    Lootback Signup

    Lootback is, as you can see, very easy to use, and works to your advantage.

    Give it a try and see how you like getting money while acquiring royalty-free images to employ in your projects.

    AngularJS is the JavaScript MVW Framework choice of many web developers as it simplifies creating dynamic views in web-applications while staying readable.

    Videogular is a lovely HTML5 video player that is specifically created for AngularJS-powered apps and integrates to them perfectly.


    It comes with bindable directives, a plugin system for extending further and support for theming.

    There is native full-screen mode and the player works smartly on mobile with showing/hiding the unsupported features.

    You’ll probably remember CometChat, a solid and self-hosted chat application that is similar to Facebook-chat and was featured few times at WRD.

    The application has been improved so much lately and now consists of more features that will probably attract users.

    To remember; CometChat is built with PHP and, with a simple setup, it instantly creates an in-site chat system that enables users/visitors to chat with each other.

    CometChat Splash

    It has support for text or video, screen sharing, file sharing, auto-translating conversations and even games to make sure the visitors spend lots of time on the site.

    Also, it integrates into most of the popular CMS + forum apps so easily and works with GTalk + Facebook chat too.

    With the newest one, ComeChat v5, it now has native apps for iOS + Android (there was also mobile-friendly web interface and a desktop messenger), Skype-like HD video, broadcasting videos and more.

    The Black Friday Sale

    CometChat Black Friday

    The sale is for the package of “Platinum Edition + Desktop Messenger + iOS & Android apps” for $747 (original price is $1097) and it can be reached from here.

    So, that’s $350 off and an opportunity for anyone willing to get the full package.

    The giveaway

    CometChat is giving away  “3 * CometChat Basic Edition” licenses.

    In order to join, a tweet with the hashtag “#blackfriday” and @cometchat is required. Click to tweet easily.

    Winners will be selected randomly and announced on Monday (2 Dec 2013). Good luck to all.

    The winners

    • @BryGom
    • @StylifyYourBlog
    • @eric_maechler


    Loader/spinner icons are a part of almost any web project that involves ajax requests.

    Lea Verou, an inspiring web designer has recently shared a simplistic solution to create a spinner with pure CSS.

    CSS Spinner

    There are already other solutions but this one is the cleanest of them all, uses only 2 elements and not much of CSS.

    Everything is sized with ems, so it can be resized however preferred, it works on all modern browsers and has a fallback text for others.

    Uptime Robot