Complete Solution For A User-Friendly Support System – Freshdesk

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For anyone or company who receives lots of support requests, just the e-mail is not enough to handle them successfully.

Users want to track their support requests, support team needs an interface to work collaboratively and the management should easily see "how the support is performing".

That's where the Freshdesk comes in. It is a full-featured and hosted help desk application which can automatically convert emails, Twitter mentions and comments on Facebook pages into support tickets.

The application smartly categorizes, prioritizes and assigns each request to the right support agent so that the support team saves a lot of time. Also, it is possible to create scenarios which can automatically perform the defined actions to the tickets that match the scenario.

Freshdesk Interface

There are many other features that empower the support team like canned responses, auto-recommendations from the built-in knowledgebase, splitting/merging tickets, transferring them to other agents and more.

Freshdesk is not all about support tickets, it also allows us to create a customer support portal with a knowledgebase to minimize the support requests. And, if they can't find the answer, they can still open a ticket via the portal and e-mail (or Twitter and Facebook).

Freshdesk Dashboard

We can also include the community to the support cycle by creating forums powered by Freshdesk so that they can ask question and get replies from other users (or the support team).

And, all these public pages can be branded to reflect you product or company, Freshdesk stays invisible in all the process.

A Freshdesk account can be set to support multiple products (depending on the plan), any number of agents can be added and it has a multilingual interface (perfect for distributed support teams).

Freshdesk Stats

The application provides many stats to quickly see the performance of each agent, department and product. Also, you can generate custom reports.

To sum up, Freshdesk is a robust solution to provide support via multiple channels and keep everything under control.