Create QR Codes Online (Generators, JavaScript Plugins & Code Libraries)

QR Codes, a tracking code technology which was created in 1994 by Denso<Toyota to keep track of vehicles, is now a standard being used everywhere from websites to magazines, apps or stores.

In the web, considering the mobile devices are used as the barcode reader, QR Codes are usually used as an alternative way to show app download/purchase links, wi-fi passes, mobile version URLs of websites, etc.

I needed to create few of them in the past, used online QR Code generators and I was done in a few minutes.

Recently, a project required hundreds of them being generated automatically and I have played with many different JavaScript + server-side solutions. I have faced solutions that are -sometimes- not working correctly, not supporting too short or long texts or they were not simple enough. Here is the list of solid and good-quality QR Code generation resources that all work very straightforward:

P.S. I ended up using a JavaScript library which is so easy to implement, flexible in all levels, and, I knew that it would always be used by a modern browser. You can choose the solution that  fits the best to your case from the list below.

Online QR Code Generators



QRhacker is a beautifully implemented online QR code generator with many options for creating the QR code we want.

It allows many different input types (text, URL, phone number, VCard and Wi-Fi access) and offers customizations like the roundness of the blocks, their foreground/background colors, using images for them and more. Also, the code can be painted pixel-by-pixel.

Once the QR code is created, it can be downloaded either as an image or PDF.



QR codes have a built-in error-correction mechanism and codes that are slightly morphed can still be recognized correctly.

Unitag makes use of this and allows users to transform QR codes by curving the blocks, adding extra shaped and more.


QR Code Gener

The website has a very clean interface and has a set of pre-defined QR code types.

QR codes can be downloaded in any size (including print quality ones) and an optional embed feature exists.

Beqrious Generator

Beqrious Generator

This QR code generator accepts almost anything as the input (from text to images or Youtube videos to Facebook profiles).

There is an option to change the color of the QR blocks and the output can be saved in JPG, GIF, PNG + PDF format.

QR Stuff

QR Stuff

QR Stuff differentiates itself from other QR generators with the ready-to-use templates for various services like the ability to create Skype call, FourSquare, Google Maps, etc. links.



A simple QR code generation tool with no distractions. Just mention the text, choose the size and get it.

There is also an option to have an embed link.

goQR is a good solution for anyone looking to create QR code with no complicated stuff.

It has a plain interface and offers an embed feature which is handy.



lil'qr is a way simpler alternative compared to any others in the list as it only accepts text as the input and offers no customizations.

But, it has a unique feature: it auto-displays the QR code of the current URL by inserting a simple <img> tag to web pages.


QR Code JavaScript Plugins


This is a standalone QR Codes JavaScript library that can generate the codes from vCards, vCalendar Events, geo coordinates and more.

There are methods for defining the error correction level, dimensions and colors.


A jQuery plugin for creating QR codes on-the-fly, totally on the browser-side.

It is based on the QR Code Generator library mentioned below but wraps it as a plugin.

QR Code Generator

This is one of the most popular solutions around. It has versions in JavaScript, Java, PHP and AS3.

jQuery uQR plugin

uQR is a very flexible plugin that has settings for generating the QR Codes of e-mails, geolocations, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

QR Code Class

A JavaScript solution for making QR Codes using Google Charts API.

There are again options to define almost anything as the input.

Google Charts API

Although this is a hosted JavaScript library that creates QR Codes with requests to the Google servers, it is still a very good


QR Code Server-Side Libraries


An open source PHP library for generating QR Codes with PHP without any dependencies (except GD2).

PHP QR Code Class

This PHP class uses only the native methods, no modules required, and, it accepts text + images as the input.

QRForAll (PHP)

A simple and very easy-to-use class that is built with PHP5 and requires GD2.

PHP QR Code Generator Class

The PHP class creates QR codes in PNG and has options to allow many different inputs.

rqrcode-rails3 (Rails)

A Ruby gem for Rails to render QR Codes which support both SVG and PNG outputs.

It can also set a desired "error correction level".

rQRCode (Ruby)

rQRCode encodes QR Codes with Rails.

pyqrcode (Python)

A python extension for encoding and decoding QR Codes.

It has support for defining the dimensions and the QR Code type.

QrCode.Net (.NET)

An open source .Net library for encoding and decoding QR Codes.

It can render artistic QR Codes as well.

QRCode Library (.NET)

A .NET QR Code component to encode/decode these codes.

The generated codes can be saved in JPEG, GIF, PNG or Bitmap formats.