Customizable & Responsive Grid System: 34Grid

34Grid is a grid system for responsive layouts which is based on "equally distributed columns" for each row.

There is no built-in CSS reset (so that you can use your own) and there are rules for handling images + video.

Also, there is a "how-to" in the resource's website for handling social widgets which can be very handy.

34Grid - Responsive Grid System

34Grid is completely customizable. We can define the number of max columns, margin between them, margin between rows and transitions between columns.

Once the custom options are selected, a unique build is created instantly and ready to use.

  • liam eman

    new week – new grid …. :)

  • Carlitto

    I’ve now tested over 2 dozen of these frameworks. I need something with the quality of Bootstrap and Foundation, but without their bloat. Sadly, I also need it to support IE 7. I just can’t seem to find one that works the way I need it to. Any recommendations? thanks

  • Umut M.


    Although you still get the bloat a little, getting only the grid styles of Bootstrap is what I do.

    Not saying that Bootstrap has the best grid, but you can expand it anytime with other stuff.

  • [email protected] dijon

    Another new grid ! Thanks !